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Windows 10 will soon have a replacement: what are the big differences with the Windows that is being prepared

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These are the main advantages of Windows 11
What computer to buy to enjoy Windows 11?

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In this article we are going to tell you about the advantages of the next Windows 11 , what will be its main novelties and its installation requirements. What will the latest update to Microsoft's operating system bring us new?

Six years have passed since Microsoft launched Windows 10, a version of the operating system in which the traditional start menu was present and interesting new features were added such as the new notification center , applications adaptable to any format (computer, mobile, console or tablet) and your virtual assistant, Cortana. Now, this version of Windows has its days numbered..

According to media such as The Verge, Windows 11 would be officially launched on October 20 at 11:11 in the morning . Of course, the first beta is now available through the Windows Insider program. The update will be free for holders of an official Windows 10 license. What will be the advantages of Windows 11? Let's see a little in detail what, for the moment, is known.

These are the main advantages of Windows 11


The new version of Windows 11 will have all the features that have made Windows 10 such an appreciable version, but it will bring a totally new design to homes and businesses . It will also include new tools, sounds, and applications..

The design has indeed changed. For example, the start menu is now centered next to the other icons on the taskbar, looking very similar to the dock we see on computers with macOS. Of course, if we are not very fans of this new redesign, we can return to the traditional one, with the menu on the left .

Also, in this Windows 11 we will say goodbye to the controversial animated tiles of the start menu and, simply, we will find the icons of the apps so that we can open them when convenient. Another remarkable new functionality will be that of Snap Layouts . Thanks to this new feature, we will be able to group several windows within the screen to divide it among various contents..

Similarly, we will have a renewed version of the Microsoft store , where we can buy applications and new specifications for the most gamers, such as support for Auto HDR or DirectStorage API.

Broadly speaking, what we will find in Windows 11 is, basically, a Windows 10 with a modernized visual section. But will our team be compatible with this development? Microsoft is also preparing an app to find out if our computer will be able to support this new Windows 11. We will be able to download it soon at this link.

What computer to buy to enjoy Windows 11?

At Lenovo we have a wide range of computers that are compatible with the new version of Windows 11. Among others, the second-generation ThinkPad L13 Yoga that currently ships with Windows 10 Pro 64. This convertible is designed to boost productivity in all types of environments. , from teleworking to mobility scenarios, passing through fixed positions in the office.

It integrates a 13.3-inch FHD IPS touch screen along with state-of-the-art components to take advantage of all the benefits of the new version of Microsoft's operating system such as 11th generation Intel Core processors, Intel Iris Xe graphics or multiple security systems.

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