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Music streaming service: Spotify or Deezer?

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Spotify and Deezer reign supreme in the French music streaming market. The years pass and the rivalry between the two platforms continues to grow stronger to the delight of users. Although the two offerings seem quite similar, each has its own advantages. Here is our guide to help you find the best music streaming service..


There are many music streaming services. But if we only refer to the number of subscribers the undisputed king of online music is called Spotify. At the time of writing, the Swedish start-up has more than 75 million paying subscribers (growth of 45% in one year).

If to this figure, we add that of the members taking advantage of the free service, we can estimate at 170 million, the number of active users connected each month to Spotify. It is much better than its competitor Deezer which is struggling to break into the international market. However, that does not mean that the French platform is necessarily out of the race..

The free version of Spotify

Spotify has managed to maintain its place in the lead pack thanks to its impressive catalog of songs. With no less than 50 million songs, the Swedish platform offers a wide range of songs for all genres: electro, pop, Brazilian music, rap, classical music.

Regarding the user experience, the application is relatively easy to use. The handling has no defects except for some complexities. You can easily search for titles, albums or artists. The recommendation system with its ultra-powerful algorithms offers artists or albums that seem to have been chosen especially for you..

The free version, called Spotify Free , offers full access to the entire catalog and listening without any time limit. The titles are however interspersed with advertising spots. Important detail, the smartphone version of the Spotify application only allows access to 15 personalized playlists per day. Which still represents almost 750 songs. This limitation does not exist on computers or tablets.

On the free version, the audio quality does not exceed 160 Kbit / s. Listening at 320 Kbit / s is currently only reserved for the Premium version (paid). Note the arrival of a brand new Low Data service which saves up to 75% of 4G data used for listening to music. Part of your playlists are cached during your Wi-Fi session.

The strengths of the paid platform

For those who are ready to spend a few euros per month, the Spotify Premium offer (9.99 euros) allows you to listen to all your tracks as you want and without any advertising. image The subscription will also allow you to enjoy better audio quality and offline mode.

You will be able to download up to 3333 tracks of your choice to listen to them offline on your smartphone. Please note that subscribing to a Spotify subscription does not necessarily mean that you own the downloaded music.

You will need to connect to the internet at least once during the month (last 30 days) to continue listening to your downloads. And once your Spotify subscription is canceled, the songs stored on your device will no longer be available.


Deezer is a French music streaming service. And this is far from anecdotal. Even if its free version is very similar to that of its competitor, its editorial line offers a real alternative to the Swedish giant.

The partnerships linked with three-color record labels or radio stations allow it to offer many new tracks from the French and European scene. With over 40 million songs, it's hard not to find the title of your choice.

image Deezer has a free version accessible after a simple registration (requires a valid email address). The latter is subject to some binding rules. For example, you will not be able to go directly to the song you want to listen to (shuffle required) or skip to the next song.

Finally last boring point, the listening sessions are interspersed with very many advertisements. As far as sound quality is concerned, this is much the same as on Spotify.

What are the exclusive benefits of Deezer

Deezer is one of the rare platforms to offer streaming in true CD quality. The Hi-Fi offer at 19.99 euros per month allows you to enjoy Flac quality sound with a bit rate of 16 bit at 44.1 kHz without any loss. This is available directly from the mobile application.

But you can also send the Hi-Fi sound from your Deezer app to your various Google Cast compatible audio devices. This is particularly the case with amplifiers and wireless speakers from the Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Bang & Olufsen or Onkyo brand.

Deezer's strong point is certainly its algorithm which predicts what you would like to listen to. It is based on your listening history, your musical preferences and improves over time. It will then be necessary to free enough time for the discovery of his new music.

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