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The 9 best creative Murder Mystery codes in Fortnite

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Fortnite's Creative Mode has allowed players to build an impressive variety of maps for several custom modes like Murder Mystery, or Murder Investigations..

Murder Mystery mode chooses a player from the lobby who will be the killer: he will have to eliminate all the other players before he is located and taken by the designated sheriff. The remaining players are innocent people who must survive until the sheriff catches the killer.

While this is the basis of the game mode, there are several changes the creators have made to match the theme of their cards..

Here are some of the best Murder Mystery mode maps in Fortnite  today.



Relying on the original promise of the modes, community creator The Slurp has created an extremely detailed museum location where the Muder Mysteries can take place..

The mode can be played with 5 to 8 players. In this mode, players in each role can acquire weapons by finding coins on the map, but their location can also provide a place for the killer to look for them and take easy kills. With its variety of areas and hiding places, Museum is one of the most impressive and fun maps in Murder Mystery.

Among Us: Polus


One of 2020's hits, Among Us , has seen a record number of players and viewers on Twitch since its resurgence this summer. Community creator TheBoyDilly created a perfect replica of the game's Polus map in Fortnite's Creative Mode .

This awe-inspiring replica sees players emulate many gameplay mechanics from Among Us including doing tasks, flagging bodies, and engaging in a cat voting system to find the suspected impostor. If you've played the game, the gameplay will feel familiar; otherwise, it will be a good way to experience the Among Us style of play for the first time .

Murder Swap!


Another originality of Murder Mystery's gameplay, Murder Swap! is a card that switches the roles of killer and sheriff to a random innocent when one of the two dies. This will happen until there are only two remaining players who will duel to determine the winner. Played in a castle with the area shrinking, this Murder Mystery map is fantastic and with an originality that speeds up the pace of the game.

Gruss Vom Krampus


As the Christmas season approaches, there is no better map than Gruss Vom Krampus, created by ImTheGaps. This map is played from 3 to 16 players and takes them to a winter town with barley candy, snowmen

Heading into the Christmas season there is no better map to play than the Gruss Vom Krampus Murder Mystery map created by ImTheGaps. This map puts three to 16 players in an eerie winter town filled with candy canes, snowmen, and other Christmas-related decorations — but these players are not safe. Krampus is out to find and destroy the innocents while Santa is here to help. Functioning as the standard mode, Gruss Vom Krampus is an impressive way to capture the holiday spirit in  Fortnite .

Murder Mystery 5 Players


While this might be a simple 5-player map on Murder Mystery, Zamsito's creation is included in this list because of the game's options: it immerses players in a mansion, but it also forces them to carry a torch. because of its surrounding darkness. This vision reduction brings a lot more suspense to the gameplay and adds a new dimension to Murder Mystery.

Bloody Mines / Dark Mines


Bloody Mines / Dark Mines is a thriller because of its lack of visibility and its cramped corners. ImTheGaps has created from scratch a network of mines to navigate, with secret tunnels to connect areas and hiding places. It's one of the most polished maps in the mode, and a must-play for players who want to try out Murder Mystery.



Aquarium is a simple, but effective map created for Murder Mystery as well as combat game modes. The building looks completely like an aquarium, with tanks accessible to players to hide or collect coins to get a weapon. The aquarium has a similar playstyle to other Murder Mystery maps and encourages players to survive and collect coins until they identify the killer.

Horror Flashlight Murder Mystery PG-13


If you are a fan of spooky gameplay with jump scares, this map is for you. It is created to immerse players in dark areas with the visibility only offered with flashlights. The creator of the map, VanCityOliver, listed the rules with the map code to encourage players to increase their sound and brightness. His last tip: “Don't gamble if you're afraid of the dark. "

The Sweaty Hotel


The perfect place to try and survive a killer on the loose, the Sweaty Hotel is a fantastic map for Murder Mystery thanks to its large number of different rooms and areas that can be used to hide or trap enemies. With exposed courtyards and narrow corridors, players have several options for aiming from a distance or engaging in battles against innocent people hidden in one of the many rooms on the map. In standard mode, there is only one killer, a detective and 3 innocent people. Although the map looks simple, it is a fun and interesting place to participate in the game mode.

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