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How to improve your weapons in Fortnite, season 5 chapter 2

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Weapon upgrades have been a crucial part of Fortnite since their introduction at the start of Chapter 2, but with the start of Season 5, you might have noticed the lack of upgrade banks..

If you're struggling to get the end game loot you need to claim victory, fear not - weapon upgrades are still in the game. You just need to find a specific NPC instead of the one. tool.

Unlike the previous seasons of Chapter 2, this one doesn't require you to have specific materials to upgrade weapons, just cash, which can be obtained by completing tasks like opening chests or eliminating opponents..

Not all NPCs in Fortnite give weapon upgrades, but some have already been confirmed. There are 40 different NPCs in all that can spawn in various locations on the map, so you'll need to do some research.

In contrast, Sparkplug, Kondor, and Tomato Head all offer weapon upgrades..

To obtain this improvement, you must offer them gold which depends on the level of improvement requested.

In order to make a common weapon uncommon, it will take 25 golds. From uncommon to rare, it will be 50.

Obviously, the rarer the weapon, the more expensive it will be to improve.

To go from rare to epic, you have to spend 145 golds and finally, 345 to go from epic to legendary.

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