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Where to find Snowman (41) in Season 5, Chapter 2 of Fortnite Operation Snowfall

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It's starting to smell like Christmas, and the decorations should start to grab your attention outside your window. Epic Games never misses an opportunity for themed events and Operation Snowfall has been made available to bring the season celebration to Fortnite ..

There will be many challenges that will come up as the event unfolds, offering XP and cosmetic items as rewards. New winter outfits will also arrive in the store, while old ones will return to the delight of collectors.

One of the event's featured characters, Neigionnaire, has been added to the map as an NPC, bringing the collection down to 41. Unlike some NPCs who can be in multiple locations, Neigionnaire only has one Favorite Location. . It will therefore appear in the same place in any game launched on Fortnite ..

Here's where to find Neigionnaire in Season 5, Chapter 2 of Fortnite .

Where to find Snowman (41) in Season 5, Chapter 2 of Fortnite Operation Snowfall

Neigionnaire sits atop the snow capped mountain near Catty Corner. It's known as the highlight of the map, and it will be waiting for you there next to an ice cream van..

Although he is an NPC, Neigionnaire does not have any Quest Contracts to offer. He is the sole distributor of a new exotic weapon called the Big Chill, which is similar to a grenade launcher. It could be a powerful late game weapon against relentless builders, but the location of Neigionnaire could slow down your loot process.

Even if you don't plan to use the weapon, talking to Neigionnaire will add it to your collection of discovered NPCs. Before Neigionnaire was added there were 40 characters in the game, and almost all of them offered contracts and ways to spend the gold bars obtained to complete these tasks.

Since Neigionnaire was recently added, there might be other players who want to talk to him, so we recommend that you land directly at his location to make sure you continue your game after meeting him. The other alternative is to loot near its location and then climb the mountain with a mobility tool.

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