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Where to find all Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 12 XP coins

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Every day is a new adventure in Fortnite , encouraging players to come back and log in daily for new content..

Each Fortnite season comes with a battle pass filled with content and cosmetics. Epic has done a tremendous job with the story and the quests. Not only are these challenges an essential part of the story of the season, but they also reward players with XP, allowing them to grind the Battle Pass levels. Some tasks will obviously be more complicated to accomplish than others, and it might be a good idea to look for shortcuts to collect Battle Pass XP and save time.

However you will come across quests that require you to collect XP coins scattered around the map, they reset them to zero every week in new locations. This means that while there isn't a quest that will give you direction to the XP coins, there could be more on the map just waiting for you..

In most cases, 10 XP coins have their place on the map, giving players a total of 75 100XP.

  • Green XP Coins = 5,000 XP
  • Blue XP Coins = 6,500 XP
  • Purple XP Coins = 10,300 XP
    • Unlike other coins, purple XP coins break into many coins when you try to collect them and you will be able to grab a total of 10,300 XP if you collect them all.
  • Gold XP Coins = 15,000 XP

Here's where you can find all of the XP coins in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Five, Week 12 ..

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All the places to find the green coins in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Five, Week 12

The first green XP coin is located at the far north of the map. You will need to continue north after passing Stealthy Stronghold. You will see two curving paths after passing Stealthy Stronghold. The XP coin will be waiting for you on a hill that is between the paths.

You will need to return to Pleasant Park to collect the second piece of green XP. Once in Pleasant Park, use the east entrance to exit the marker and continue east until you come across a bridge. Do not cross the bridge since the room will be located just south on the map. Look for the Grumpy Greens point of interest and you should see the coin on a hill above the river.

Like the week before, another piece of XP awaits you at Viking Vessel. But this time it's a green XP coin. Go southwest of Holly Hedges and look for the Viking Vessel. It is a visible point of interest and you will be able to detect where it is from a distance. As you approach it you should see a dirt road that will take you towards the coast. The room will be south of this road surrounded by trees.

The fourth and final play this week is in Misty Meadows. It is just outside the marker, next to the northeast entrance. You should see a high cliff and a small one as you come out of Misty Meadows. The last room will be on the small cliff.

All the places to find the blue coins in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Five, Week 12

The blue pieces are usually located above the water, meaning you will need to put on your swimsuit before going to collect them. The first is located on an island northeast of Craggy Cliffs. You should find the coin in the Island Bay area.

The second blue XP coin can be found on a beach near Dirty Docks. Head north of the beach and you will be able to see the blue coin as the beach begins to head south.

You will need to go south of the map for the last piece of blue XP. After passing Misty Meadows, you will need to go to a second point of interest called Camp Cod. You will find the third blue XP piece under the bridge that you will need to cross to get to Camp Cod.

All the places to find the purple coins in Fortnite Chapter Two Season Five Week 12

The first purple piece is relatively close to the second green piece. You can easily pick it up as it is west of Slurpy Swamp. You will be able to use Shanty Town as a reference and you will find the first purple XP coin east of this mini point of interest. The room will be hidden between the trees and the mud.

Three pieces are in the south of the map this week and the second purple XP piece is the last of them. You will need to take the path that takes you out of Misty Meadows heading south and the purple XP coin will be at the foot of the mountain on the left.

All the places to find the gold coins in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Five, Week 12

The only XP Gold coin available on the map is located right in the center, a part of the map where you can easily move around. You will need to go north of Point Zero and you should be able to see the XP Gold coin between the purple crystals.

Staying in the same spot on the map will allow you to go underground and drastically improve your movement speed in the process. Doing so will allow you to get the Gold XP coin as quickly as possible while securing you from your opponents.

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