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Where to get the Colored Eggs in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Six

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How to collect the Colored Eggs in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Six ?

As Easter approaches, a new seasonal event on Fortnite has been released to celebrate the occasion. In addition to the weekly quests, players will be able to complete legendary challenges that reward players with XP and cosmetics..

The first line of legendary quests requires players to drill Colored Eggs hidden on the island of Fortnite . This quest is made up of five challenges, each requiring you to collect more Colored Eggs than the last. You will need to find 10 Colored Eggs to complete the first step of the challenge, which will reward you with a Tactical Pickaxe.

How to collect the Colored Eggs in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Six ?


Colored Eggs are a new kind of item that are scattered around the map. They are not located in specific places - you will find them in loot boxes or even on the ground when you loot. You will have to interact with them to pick them up, which will count as "drilling" and therefore for your quests..

Eating a Colored Egg will give you shields and decrease gravity for your character. You will therefore be able to jump higher and ignore fall damage when you are under the effect of the Colored Egg.

Colored Eggs can be found in classic matches and in Team Rumble mode. Considering that few players focus on loot in Team Rumble matches, the chances of loot them are higher..

Besides helping you complete legendary quests, Colored Eggs can also be a critical consumable item to keep in your inventory, especially towards the end of the game. The number of combat in the fortresses increases considerably at the end of the game, making movement almost impossible. You can use the reduced gravity of the Colored Eggs to take cover since you will be harder to aim.

You can also use the Colored Eggs before jumping high buildings, allowing you to make theatrical outings when your opponent least expects it.

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