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Here are all the locations of the bunker chests in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6

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Each season of Fortnite introduces new changes and mechanics to spice up the game. While it takes a while for players to see all of the new gameplay elements, this is what makes each season unique. A new type of chests to collect has also been added in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Six , which contains some great material that will have you looking for these chests every game..

There are a total of 20 Bunker Chests on the map. These chests have a legendary weapon drop rate, making them even better than Mythic chests. Bunker chests won't be right in the middle of the path every time though, and you may need to dig them up before you collect your loot.

You can use your pickaxe to hit the top of the buried bunker chests a few times, and they should surface almost immediately. Here are all of the Fortnite Bunker Chests you can collect in your next match before it even starts..

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  • 1st Bunker Chest - You will find the first chest on Shark Island. It is located inside a tower located in the northwest corner of the main structure. Look for the base level to find it and unlock it.
  • 2nd Bunker Chest - The second bunker chest is stored in Stealthy Stronghold. He is buried in a field south of Stealthy Stronghold, outside the walls. This field is located at the top of a small hill.
  • 3rd Bunker Chest - Head to Craggy Cliffs to find the third bunker chest and look for the red roofed house towards the western part of town. The Bunker chest will be waiting for you under the stairs.
  • 4th Bunker Chest - Located at Pristine Point, you will find the 4th Bunker Chest in the attic of a house to the west of the monument.
  • 5th Bunker Chest - While Steamy Stacks may look like a complicated landmark, the Fifth Bunker Chest is located in a relatively accessible location. You will need to locate the building half covered in sand and the Bunker chest will be waiting for you in its basement.
  • 6th Bunker Chest - The sixth bunker chest is also in Steamy Stacks, but you'll need to move to the shore, to the southeast of the landmark, to find it. This bunker chest is buried under the sand, which means you will have to dig it up.
  • 7th Bunker Chest - The 7th Bunker Chest can be found at a small campsite near the Green Steel Bridge. Head west after you reach the green steel bridge and you should be able to find the camp in seconds.
  • 8th Bunker Chest - The eighth bunker chest can be won in Pleasant Park. Head towards the house with storm shelter towards the southeast corner of the monument.
  • 9th Bunker Chest - Near the ninth bunker chest you will find the ninth in Sweaty Sands. It is located in the attic of a house, located towards the south-eastern part of the city.
  • 10th Bunker Chest - You will find the 10th Bunker Chest in a field, east of Flopper Pond.
  • 11th Bunker Chest - You will need to travel to the top of Heart Island to find the 11th Bunker Chest. He will be waiting for you in the hut at the top.
  • 12th Bunker Chest - The 12th Bunker Chest is located near a road west of Durr Burger.
  • 13th Bunker Chest - Located in Weeping Woods, you will find the 13th Bunker Chest next to the control panel in a house towards the north edge of the monument.
  • 14th Bunker Chest - The 14th Bunker Chest is hidden in a house in Retail Row. The house is located on the southwest edge of the monument.
  • 15th Bunker Chest - While you are in Retail Row, you can also find the 15th Bunker Chest in the Fields. Look for the flowery fields to the west of Retail Row and the Bunker chest should be waiting for you.
  • 16th Bunker Chest - Although the 16th Bunker Chest is closer to Lazy Lake, you will find it in a field between Loot Lake and Lazy Lake.
  • 17th Bunker Chest - Head to the house east of Shipwreck Cove to find the 17th Bunker Chest. The bunker chest will be inside the attic.
  • 18th Bunker Chest - The 18th Bunker Chest can be found in a hidden room inside the Big House at Camp Cod. This room is located in the basement of this house and you will have to destroy the floor under the table with your pickaxe to access the room.
  • 19th Bunker Chest - You'll find the 19th Bunker Chest in Misty Meadows. Go to the Big House in the Flower Fields, located to the southwest of Misty Meadows.
  • 20th Bunker Chest - The 20th Bunker Chest can be found in a trailer park in the southeast corner of the map. Once there, look for a cabin and the bunker chest will be waiting for you.
  • 21st Bunker Chest - Discovered a little later than the first 20 Bunker Chests, the 21st is located at the crossroads between Sweaty Sand and Holly Hedges.
  • 22nd Bunker Chest - To find the 22nd Bunker Chest, you will need to rotate to the southwest edge of the map. There is a small shore line with a lot of sand, hiding the bunker chest in plain sight.

While these are all chests available on the map as of this writing, Epic Games may be adding more as the season goes on. Don't be surprised if you start finding new Bunker Chests in random locations and always collect the loot since Bunker Chests have quickly become a primary focus for some of the players.

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