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Where to find Golden Relics near the Arrow in Fortnite Season 6 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Season 6 debuted with a great new battle pass, and the first set of weekly quests have already been released. Completing the weekly quests will be the ultimate goal for many players who will want to complete this season's battle pass..

Fortnite Season 5, Chapter 2 wrapped up yesterday, and players were immediately greeted with new content. New seasons always bring new changes and opportunities, but most players will be eagerly awaiting the latest battle pass.

One of these quests asks players to find Golden Relics near the Spire, a new location that has surfaced in the center of the map. This new area appeared when Agent Jones attempted to stabilize Point Zero, and it looks like it will be a landing hot spot for players throughout the season..

Although the Golden Relics may seem easy to spot from a distance, they are actually quite difficult to notice due to their modest size. There are a total of 3 relics hidden at the Arrow.

The first relic is in a two-story building in the lower right corner of the Spire, around an area populated with buildings. It will be possible to collect the Golden Relic by interacting with it. The statue includes Kit who will wear a vegetable skirt and glow a blue color, making her easier to notice..

The second relic will be north of the first relic on the list. This area can also be described as the northeast of the village part of the location.

The third and final relic is in the Arrow. She'll be waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs, in the main building, and you'll have to hit a wooden wall to reveal her.


Since you will be the center of the map, there should be some competition around you. Loot a bit before hunting for relics should help you complete the quest in one go.

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