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Piano Tiles: The piano version of Guitar Hero

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Download Piano Tiles for Android

After its release, Piano Tiles became a very popular game. It is something similar to what Guitar Hero is, but in a piano version. It is much simpler, perhaps that is why it is so attractive and has been a success..

And how to play? Well, I think that will be easy to find out for yourself. Basically, as its alternate name suggests, it's about NOT hitting the white keys on the piano and hitting all the black keys that fall randomly. You must comply with both things so as not to lose.

image image

image image

There are several modes of the game that I explain below:

  • Classic : You must touch a certain number of "tiles" or keys to avoid losing.
  • Arcade and Rush : There is no limit to the number of black tiles you must touch here. You just play until you lose. You can choose the speed with which the piano keys fall and also the mode: Normal, Faster (faster), Reverse (backward) and Slower (slower).
  • Zen and Relay : Here you have to play as many tiles as possible during a certain time. You can choose one of the available times, which are in seconds.


When you open Piano Tiles you will find a black and white menu with all the options in English, including the game modes described above. The only thing left to indicate is that, at the bottom right you have the More option to go to the game settings: there you can change the sound of the piano, remove the tutorial on how to play it, adjust how the tiles move, among other things ..

Piano Tiles is not a game to learn to play the piano, of course, but it will surely seem very entertaining and addictive. Personally, my eyes have been demanding, so if you feel discomfort, remember to rest every so often.

Download Piano Tiles for Android

There are many versions of this game that can be downloaded from the Play Store right now, if you search for the keywords 'Piano Tiles' or 'Don't Tap The White Tiles'. Initially, one of them, from developer HU WEN ZENG, achieved around 50 million downloads. However, his version was removed from the Play Store. This is probably the original developer of the game, as Wikipedia mentions it . However, right now it appears that the trademark is in the hands of Cheetah Mobile, who may have purchased it from the original developer and has even released a second version of Piano Tiles 2..

You can get both versions of Piano Tiles for iPhone without problem from the APP Store, but for Android you will have to download their APKs, since Google removed all Cheetah Mobile apps from the Play Store due to fraudulent advertising practices. In Uptodown is the Original Piano Tiles and APKMirror  Piano Tiles 2.

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