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This is the new DNI: everything you need to know

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The European DNI also accessible from the mobile
Substantial changes that we will see in the new European DNI

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As of today, August 2, 2021, the new DNI comes into force , which will now also be known as "European DNI" or "DNI 4.0". In this way, our document complies with the obligations required by the European Union in regulation 2918/1157..

The new European DNI is one more step towards making Europe a more cohesive and homogeneous place. With this, all the documents of people residing in EU countries will have the same appearance and functions.

The European DNI also accessible from the mobile

This new European DNI comes to completely replace the one we already know and contains substantial differences. What does not vary, of course, is the size, which retains the same dimensions (85.60 x 53.98 mm). The most noticeable, however, are not the design and appearance changes, but something fundamental so far: having to always carry it in your pocket to identify yourself correctly if necessary..

Technology advances and one of its main functions is to make life easier for us. Therefore, starting with the new European DNI, we will not have to always carry it in our wallet . Indeed, now the DNI also serves to prove the digital identity of each one and can be accessed from the smartphone.

For the first time in history, we can leave the DNI at home, so the loss or theft will be reduced to a minimum. What happens if you need it on the street? Well, we can have a version of it on the mobile with the same validity as the physical one and will allow the use of the electronic signature from the phone itself . To use it, we just have to download a free application. image

Substantial changes that we will see in the new European DNI

Among the most relevant changes that have been applied to the new identity document are the following:

  • It includes the name 'National Identity Card' , as European regulations require that the words 'Identity Card' appear in another official EU language. Behind it, we can see the code of our country «ES» in a design on a blue rectangle and twelve yellow stars.
  • Now, the identification number will be located at the top of the card.
  • On the card itself, we will have a microchip with relevant information and its own storage capacity: inside we will find our photo, signature and fingerprints. We will also find our authentication certificate and electronic signature.
  • The new DNI will be much more difficult to falsify , as it incorporates new security measures that will be both visible to the user and hidden.
  • The period of validity will be between five to ten years.
  • The photo will be taken directly at the police station and fees can be paid by card.

To expedite the processing of the new DNI, a new semi-automatic procedure will be enabled ..

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