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Can a cell phone manufacturer be sued for spying on your personal information?

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Cell phone manufacturers can and do install spyware or spyware. Sometimes up to back doors (for remote access) or rootkits to get full or root access to the device. Obviously, what these manufacturers or their associates do (especially in the case of small companies ) should not have malicious intentions, let's say "viruses" , but financial interests behind it, since people's information (their interests, who seek or buy on the Internet and things like that) has a lot of advertising value. They also try to keep control of the devices they sell, to change or install any application when necessary for their own interests..

Unfortunately, this goes against the privacy of users and even security, since a backdoor on a device not only gives access to the manufacturer that put that backdoor but to any third party with the technical capacity to do it. And that is precisely what the collective lawsuit firm, Rosen Legal, argued a long time ago, which initiated a legal process against the American company Bold Like Us or BLU Products , for the pre-installation of "spyware" on their computers, as well such as the automatic sending of its users' data to China, which was advised at the time  by the security company Kriptowire.


In this case, it was found that thousands of BLU devices automatically sent the content of their users' SMS and call logs every 72 hours, as well as the location and use of applications every 24 hours, to the servers of the Chinese advertising company. Shanghai AdUps Technologies , which mentioned that this data was collected for advertising purposes. Apparently AdsUp was in charge of the firmware update app "Wireless Update". According to a BLU spokesperson, they would have told the Chinese firm that the app should not be programmed in this way or to send data, which AdsUp would have ignored..

Rosen Legal invited all affected people to join this class action lawsuit against BLU, simply by checking if their cell phone had this spyware. To do this, they only had to see if the version of the system application "Wireless Update" was from 5.0.x to 5.3.x.

Indeed, BLU confirmed that 120,000 devices were affected. In his defense, he said he sent a software update to stop the devices from sending this information to China. He also mentioned that he did not know about the backdoor discovered by BitSight around the same time. BLU had called Rosen Legal "ignorant" on this issue..

Either because of this class action lawsuit, because of the scandals that BLU suffered at the same time or because of its own account, a few days later it decided to change its "FOTA" software developed by AdsUp and that generated this behavior (Wireless Update App) by the app of Google OTA update.

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