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The best 5 Android launcher that you can download

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These are the 5 best free Android launcher that you can download to transform the experience when using your mobile or simply give a new look to the home screen, and some features of the terminal.

The launcher has been, for years, an essential part of the Android experience. The manufacturers insisted on adding more and more layers to Android, something that hindered the experience of use, since the systems were very heavy without really having too many functionalities.

The launchers fixed that problem, as the problem of the updates that took more than the account to arrive, and although now they are not '' necessary '', they are a good software to add more functions to our phone or to customize different aspects of the same .

We have selected 5 of the best Android launchers that you can install for free on your device, some add functions, others simplify the use of the phone and others change the experience completely.

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Little Launcher


We started with one of the best Android launchers ... if you like the MIUI interface, the Xiaomi system, but you do not have a mobile from the Chinese company. In my case, with a Mate 20 with EMUI, it is curious to install the interface of Xiaomi, but it really is a clean, fast interface with interesting functions.

As soon as you activate the Poco launcher (the personalized EMUI of the Pocophone F1 ) you access the main interface of Xiaomi, with the application drawer that divides the applications by type and use, something that is very useful if you have a lot of apps of different types on the phone.


It is true that it is not so different from other launchers , nor does it have the immense configuration options that you will find in others of this list, but without a doubt, it is one of the best Android launcher and, in addition, it is very fluid.



As its name suggests, Niagara Launcher is a cascade of information. It is one of the best launchers of Android that we can install for the speed it gives us when looking for any application that we have installed on the phone.

It is quite personalziable and browsing applications is very fast, but if something stands out is for its minimalism and, above all, for a home screen that has the applications that we choose. These are always available, and if we want something else, we simply pass our finger on the right to search, alphabetically, for the app we want.


It's hard to get used to it, but it’s fast and effective.


Nova Launcher


We arrive at what is possibly the best Android launcher in absolute terms . Nova Launcher has evolved over the years and its popularity is such that it has become the default launcher for some phones (the Razer Phone 2 , for example, works with Nova Launcher .

He has a few years behind him, and it shows. Nova has many customization options for almost everything on the phone, from appearance to text sources. It has constant updates that adapt to the new versions of Android and, in addition, we can configure it to run by default, with all the permissions.


Something very interesting is that, we have the mobile that we have, Nova Launcher always offers something similar to the latest version of Android . That is, if you have a mobile that does not update to Android 9, the latest version of the launcher, aesthetically and some functions, do give us an experience close to the Google system.




Lawnchair was born as the alternative to the launcher of Google's Nexus, before being called '' Pixel ''. Little by little it was evolving to become one of the most lauched laucnher of the Play Store, and one of the best launcher that we can install on Android.


It is a very simple launcher in which we can use widgets, we have the search button in Google on the home screen and a drawer of applications. It works very smoothly, as a result of its great optimization, and is not only easy to use, but very attractive. 




Evie Launcher is one of the best Android launcher, and one of the best that we can download in the Play Store. It is a minimalist launcher that has a great optimization.

It is a launcher that works very well on all types of Android phones because it is very light. The start screen of the launcher is very simple, and all the '' magic '' is found when we slide the finger up (appearing installed applications) and down (an intelligent search engine with the most used apps).


It is minimalist, fast and its minimalism makes it the most attractive. In addition, we can configure it to be the start launcher, which gives it a plus of functionality and convenience.


One More Thing ... AIO Launcher


We finish with one of the best launchers that, really, is not a launcher as such, but a kind of application that brings together important information from the phone. We can configure it to be the main screen or buy the Pro version, with more functions and permissions, but the free version is functional and, above all, useful.

When we open AIO Launcher, a window with the most recent applications in the form of a cloud is displayed, as well as our Twitter account (if we give permissions), mail, calendar and other tools, such as the voice recorder. It is quite customizable, and we can easily leave by going back, without any waiting time.

With this, we have the applications that we use the most with just one click , and as a launcher to quickly enter what we use most on the phone, it is not bad.


There are many more launcher in Android , but these are the best currently and, above all, the most different to what your mobile phones can have (if you do not have a Pocophone F1 and install the Poco, of course)

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