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How to vote for the best Google Play apps in 2019

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How to vote in Google Play Play Users Choice Awards 2019

Every year, app stores such as Google Play or App Store make annual rankings of the most downloaded and used apps and video games for Android or iPhone devices. Well, Google is asking its users to vote for their Play Users Choice Awards 2019. In this way, users will have enough influence on the creation of the most notorious apps during 2019.


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All users can get involved in voting on Applications and Games. In other words, Google shows you a pre-selection of applications and video games from which users can choose. This pre-selection of apps by Google is logical to avoid distorting the vote with applications from other years or campaigns that could influence applications that would have had such notoriety during 2019..

In order to vote you will need to be a user of an Android device and therefore have a Google account with which to vote. You should also keep in mind that you can vote for the desired apps until November 25. On December 3 the results will be announced.

That said, below we show you step by step how to vote for the best Applications and Games on Google Play during the year 2019 and thus participate in the Play Users Choice Awards 2019:

How to vote in Google Play Play Users Choice Awards 2019

- The first thing will be to access the page Play Users Choice Awards 2019


- Here you must log in to your Google account in order to vote..

- Once the session has started, two sections will be revealed, one for Applications and the other for Games. Click the Vote button in the Applications section.

- This will display the pre-selected apps that are 10:

  • Groovepad: Music creator.
  • Writing: an app for learning to write and read the alphabet.
  • Calm: meditation and sleep app
  • Pottery.ly 3D - relaxing ceramic art app
  • Enlight Pixaloop - a photo animator.
  • DAZN : an application to watch sport live.
  • Boosted : an application to increase productivity by tracking time usage.
  • SoMo : An app with which to coordinate your taxi or carpool plan
  • Ablo - A free text and video chat social network application to connect users around the world.
  • Video Editor with Music and Glitch Effect

- To vote on any of the apps shown you will have to click on the button: Vote ..


Once voted, you can proceed to the voting in the Games section, among which you must select:

  • Archero (Action Game)
  • Mario Kart Tour (Action Game)
  • Hidden Hotel  (Adventure Game)
  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (Adventure Game)
  • Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac (RPG)
  • Brawk Stars (Action Game)
  • Call of Duty Movile (Action Game)
  • The mighty quest for epic loot (RPG)
  • Auto Chess (Strategy Game)
  • Rumble Stars Soccer (Sports Game)

The voting process is exactly the same, you must click on the Vote button.


Important notes:

- You can only vote one application per category.

- You can change the voted app if you do it before November 25.

- The preselection of apps made by Google among which you can vote, varies depending on the country in which you are.

- When you vote for an app, you will be informed about the position of the app in real-time voting.

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