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Where to recharge your iPhone for free?

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Because the battery of our smartphones is empty at the speed of lightning, the Powize application proposes to geolocate for you in a few clicks all the public places where you can freely charge your iPhone. Very useful, so as not to run out of battery..

Smartphone batteries

The performance of smartphones has made a monumental leap in recent years. Whether in terms of the power of their processors or the quality of their screens, today's mobile phones no longer have much to do with those of the late 90s.

They offer a lot more features (HD video player, game console, MP3 player, digital camera). By cons in terms of autonomy , smartphones still have great progress to make. Most phone addicts struggle to last a day on a single charge..

How to refuel without spending a dime

With the Powize app , you no longer have to worry about the life of your battery. The free app available on the App Store lists all the places (bars, restaurants, stations, cinemas ...) where you can charge your iPhone. The system works in collaborative mode. image As soon as a Powize user finds a new charging location, he is invited to report it and rate it. Each charging point has a small descriptive card listing various information such as compatibility with your device, the presence of a Wi-Fi network, opening hours, etc.

image The app also has a nifty tool to find out how long the device can survive away from an electrical outlet. As soon as the battery level drops below a certain threshold, the app will send you an alert. Because necessarily if your battery is flat impossible for you to consult Powize..

Find where to recharge your battery

Do you also want to charge your smartphone for free? Nothing's easier.

  • Launch the App Store and download Powize
  • Open the application once it is installed on your iPhone
  • Click the Create Account button
  • Fill in the form (last name, first name, e-mail, password)
  • Activate the Location function on your iPhone
  • Select the nearest recharging point on the map
  • By clicking on the small icon you will obtain additional information on this charging location as well as comments from other users.

You will understand, if you are used to traveling a lot or just going out often, Powize may well make your life easier.

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