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Face Swap and Deepfake: what are they and how can we make our own montages

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Deepfake: metamorphosis is a reality

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Image manipulation is reaching truly amazing heights. If they had told us recently that there would be some applications in which we could put our face in that of a famous person in a video! we would not have believed it. However, that technology has already arrived..

There are two technologies that are succeeding in social networks. One has been with us for some time and is Face Swap, which simply consists of exchanging our faces for those of a friend. It started popping up on apps like Snapchat and was initially only used for two friends to swap their faces , offering a grotesque example that many found irresistibly funny. Now the 'Face Swap' has evolved and we not only stay with this simple trick but it goes further, such as mixing several faces in one, even animals. It is in Snapchat where we will be able to perform the 'Face Swap' in a much more effective way.


To make a Face Swap on Snapchat, we only have to choose that option in the application, (before we will have looked for the filter in the app's search engine). When we have it on the screen, two emoticons will be shown that we will have to match with our faces so that they blend properly. If we have done it correctly, the result will be seen on the screen immediately. At this time, the shutter button will need to be pressed once to take a photo or hold it down to get a video..

Deepfake: metamorphosis is a reality

The 'Deepfake' is an evolution of the 'Face Swap'. It consists of changing someone's face (or your face) for someone else's body . There are truly amazing results. As an example, a video in which Jim Carrey plays the role of Joaquin Phoenix in 'Joker'.

Although it might seem, given the results, that it is a technology within the reach of a few, nothing is further from reality. We can download applications with which to make videos and similar GIFs. An example of this is REFACE, a tool in which we can put our face in a series of predetermined videos and GIFs and then share it on social networks. And not only that but, in addition, we can also exchange faces..

Its operation is very simple, we just have to take a picture with good lighting and then look for the corresponding motif in which we want to embed it. Be careful, because there is a subscription service, although the basic use is free.

It only remains to warn that we must make proper use of this technology and that its sole purpose is pure fun.


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