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How to use the keyboard and mouse on Xbox Series X and S

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The controller is the universal console gaming device..

It is more practical and slightly more pleasant to use than a keyboard-mouse combo. Considering how consoles are mostly associated with playing while relaxing on the sofa, it is quite difficult to replace the controller with the keyboard-mouse.

Unless you find it difficult to control the camera in first person shooters (FPS) games or use your console as a source of entertainment. While most FPS games are perfectly created and fully compatible with the controller, long-time PC gamers might find it impossible to fit the controller. The way the joystick operates is entirely different from the mouse and can make the transition to mastering movements extremely difficult. Some can get there with enough practice, but this is only understandable if you want to pass the “adaptation” part at a horrible level before enjoying the games as much as on PC..

How to use keyboard and mouse on Xbox Series X and S?

The short answer is to just plug them into the console. The Xbox One was lagging behind on keyboard-mouse compatibility, but Microsoft seems unwilling to make the same mistake again. The Xbox Series X and S are keyboard and mouse compatible, so the system should instantly recognize peripherals as soon as they are plugged in.

Sometimes it might not work directly and the system might need a few more seconds to fully recognize them. If the keyboard and mouse don't work after about a minute, then try other ports..

Can I use a wireless keyboard and mouse on Xbox Series X or S?

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USB transmitters that are alongside wireless mice and keyboards take care of the communication data between your peripherals and the console, so virtually all wireless keyboards and mice should work on Xbox Series X and S.

If the two devices share a single transmitter, which is common in pack sales, there could be some issues, however. The quality of the transmitter used is usually the decisive criterion. A Razer Turret mouse-keyboard should be fine, but the others could be hit and miss.

Are there any downsides to playing with a keyboard or mouse on Xbox Series X or S?

Connecting a keyboard and mouse to the system might make your life easier; it will also be possible to type and search faster in the menus. Gamers moving from Xbox Series X and S to PC will have more FPS ease, but not because they'll be playing against console gamers.

While they'll be able to play as they always have, almost all Xbox shooter titles can detect that a keyboard and mouse are being used instead of a controller. The games then separate you from those on other platforms in matchmaking to place you with those on PC.

Although the console may have better specs than a lot of PCs on the market, you will have a slight disadvantage against players who are on master race PCs, above 240 FPS. This high refresh rate allows PC gamers to use screens that suit their setup and see enemies before you do, even by milliseconds.

If you want to avoid ending up against PC players, it is recommended that you do a quick Google search to see if the game in question mixes up players from multiple platforms.

What will happen to controller shortcuts if I switch to keyboard-mouse and vice versa?

Nothing will change on your controller shortcuts. Most games and Xbox will store them either on your device or in the cloud, and they'll be waiting for you if you decide to take back the controller.

This also applies to keyboard shortcuts. The games will automatically assign certain shortcuts, but the customizations will then be saved. The same configuration can be used as soon as the keyboard-mouse is connected.

What are keyboard and mouse adapters? Can they be used to play Xbox Series X / S with keyboard and mouse?


Keyboard and mouse adapters get a bad rap in the Xbox community. This is mostly due to the fact that adapters allow gamers to avoid playing against opponents on PC even using a keyboard and mouse. This happens because transmitters use the mouse-keyboard inputs and copy them by emulating a controller, so the console thinks it is receiving commands from a controller.

While this is an unfair advantage if you decide to use them without fair play, they also allow gamers to use keyboard and mouse on games that are only compatible with controllers.

The transmitters also allow the use of keyboard-mouse pairs that are not detected by the console. Peripherals may be too old for a modern system, but adapters have been around for the last 3 generations of Xbox and are compatible with almost all formats.

Most adapters come with their own mobile or desktop software. They can be used to customize the default shortcuts. Remember that they won't be game developers, but community members or adapter builders who are kind enough to create custom configurations for games. Despite being done manually, the default options are effective in mimicking the PC gaming experience.

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