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How to get cheap games on Xbox Series X and S

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Gaming is a relatively inexpensive hobby when compared to other hobbies. And while you don't need to budget when buying video games, everyone loves free and inexpensive games..

This article covers the three methods that make it easy to extend your library. Although these games are not free, considering the price compared to the new ones, they are very good deals.

Here's how to get cheap games on the Xbox Series X and S..

Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox Game Pass console subscription costs $ 9.99 per month. After registering for the service, access to a well-stocked library will be offered, with over 100 games.

Microsoft is constantly introducing new games to the subscription service, which means it's impossible to run out of games to play. Xbox Game Studio titles will also become available to Xbox Game Pass owners upon launch..

If you also have a PC, you can fully commit by taking the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass , which includes its PC version. You will have two separate libraries, on PC and Xbox Series X / S at the same time.

The Ultimate Pack also has a Gold Membership, which is a must-have for players who want to be online with their friends. Getting the Ultimate version also means you will get more free games as Microsoft continues to add games for both PC and console.

Starting with the Christmas season of 2020, Microsoft will also include an EA Play subscription to Xbox Ultimate Game Pass, further enhancing the value of the deal. For € 14.99 per month, you will have access to a giant library of games on PC and console, while having the benefits of EA Play.

Like any other subscription service, EA Play is also adding new games to its offering, increasing the number of free game sources. Xbox Ultimate Game Pass is the best deal right now for Xbox gamers looking to expand their choices.

Consider other subscription services

If the titles included in Xbox Game Pass aren't your thing, there are always other subscription services with their own epic library. You can still subscribe to EA Play to get full access to EA games, for example.

Ubisoft + is currently only accessible on PC, but the developers are looking to make it available on more platforms in the future.

Trade games

This method is not suitable for owners of an Xbox Series S, as digital versions cannot be exchanged. Game trading is the oldest method of getting cheap games. Once a physical copy game is finished, it becomes more of a collector's item than anything else. There is nothing wrong with keeping them, but trading them in can lead to more games being discovered for nothing.

If you have a network of gamer friends, you might come up with a plan with each of them to buy games that you're all interested in and trade them in later to create a certain cycle.

Even video game stores allow gamers to bring in their old games to give them hard-to-miss deals, or to trade them in.

So this method is not completely free, but it should save you a fair amount of money. Local gaming communities can also be reached via certain social networks and other channels for more choice of exchanges.

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