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How to create a PayPal account and pay safely online

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More than 277 million people in the world use the PayPal payment platform. It is a safe way and that gives us certain advantages as consumers when buying items online. Do you want to see how to create a PayPal account and pay safely online? Well keep reading..

With PayPal you will be able to pay online, in addition to receiving and sending money, safely. And this is because the platform does not send information about your cards to sellers and all operations are carried out within the platform itself, without intermediaries. When you create a PayPal account you only have to enter your card details once. When you buy something through PayPal, the data is already stored and you do not have to enter it every time we make the transaction, so the risk is minimized.

So far, the advantages of creating a PayPal account. But how can you get it?

How to create a PayPal account step by step

The requirements to create a PayPal account are simple : be of legal age, have an email account and a debit or credit card..

The first thing we are going to do is enter your website.

  • On the front page of the page, we will press the 'Create a free account' button.
  • Next, it gives us the possibility to create a Personal or Business account. What is the difference between them? With the first we will send and receive payments without sharing more information . With the second, however, we can accept shipments and payments from customers because we have a company. This is the one you must choose if you are going to use a Paypal account for your business.
  • Let's imagine that we have decided to create a personal account. We choose the corresponding option and enter our phone number . Then, we configure our profile with an active email account and, finally, we decide how to make payments, whether through our debit / credit card or the current account number.

Disadvantages of paying through PayPal

Although it is a very safe way to pay, doing it through PayPal has these drawbacks:

  • If any dispute arises between the buyer and the seller, PayPal resolves the issue and it always has the last word .
  • When there is an open dispute, we as buyers will see our money held until it is settled.

Once the advantages and disadvantages have been taken into account, it only remains to decide. Is it worth creating a PayPal account? We have the last word..

How to close a PayPal account


To permanently close a PayPal account we must:

  • Access our profile.
  • Enter the 'Settings' icon.
  • Choose the option 'Close your account'.
  • Follow the instructions.

When we finish, we will have eliminated our presence on the platform.

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