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The 11 free C ++ courses to program at an advanced level

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The C ++ programming language has been with us since the 80s of the last century, designed by Bjarne Stroustrup to provide the C language with the possibility of working with mechanisms that allow the manipulation of objects. C ++ is a multi-paradigm programming language that is still very much alive, as shown by the ranking of the GitHub platform, where it appears among the most popular. We are going to see the 11 free C ++ courses for advanced programming ..

Currently the standard is C ++ 14 and a new version is planned that is estimated to be ready by the end of 2017 and will be C ++ 17. It is a fairly active programming language, where important companies such as Facebook or Dropbox, to give two well-known examples, have used it for the development of different projects.

Among the skills that a programmer must have C ++ is a language that helps us and gives us the basis to learn to solve problems. Analysts and programmers analysts are one of the profiles with the highest demand for labor, which does not seem to be affected by the crisis, or at least not as strongly as it does in other sectors. Take advantage of these free courses available to train you in C ++.

1. Introduction to C ++

EdX is one of the main MooC platforms where we can also find programming courses, in this case we start with the basics for those who want to get started in C ++. The course lasts for four weeks and a dedication is estimated in three to five hours per week..

The most interesting thing is that the course is taught by Microsoft , where we will learn the fundamentals of C ++ and lay the foundations for the following more advanced courses. Whether we want to learn from scratch, or if what we want is to refresh knowledge is a good option. To take better advantage of the course it would be necessary to have some knowledge of prior programming or object-oriented programming.

2. Program Now, free basic C ++ course


Despite having a somewhat obsolete design, the truth is that this website has a good course to start programming in C ++, perfect for those who want to get started in this language. In addition, in the comments of the course you can solve some doubts that may arise. It is a basic course, but quite well structured when it comes to having the necessary fundamentals to start programming..

3. C ++ for C programmers

This is a course for experienced C programmers who want to acquire the necessary knowledge to learn to program in C ++ . It is taught on Coursera by the University of Santa Cruz in California and began on May 9. In addition to accessing the free MooC materials, it can be completed with other paid ones, as well as obtaining a certificate that accredits the knowledge acquired.

4. Conclass

It is one of the most reputable platforms in online programming courses. In this case we have a C ++ programming course, designed for self-taught programmers . He is now in his fourth revision of the course, which gives an idea of ​​the success he has among those who seek to learn to program in this language. In the comments section of each article there is a small forum, or almost, where many questions can be answered.

5. Sailor Academy

In this case we have a MooC from the Sailor Academy, a complete course that from the beginning facilitates learning with basic exercises, but without forgetting the fundamentals of C ++ programming in its more than 111 hours of estimated duration, which makes it in one of the most comprehensive online courses available.

6. Online C / C ++ programming tutorial

In this case we have a tutorial for those who want to start programming with C and C ++. It has a basic initiation course and an advanced one where at the end we end up with a high degree of knowledge to start programming in C ++.

7. Programmr


This website, more than a course, what it teaches us is how to perform different aspects and functions with C ++, with practical examples, so that we only have to look for what we need, with advanced programming options that can be of great help. Especially those who already know how to program in C ++ and want to obtain advanced knowledge will take advantage of it, where specific questions are sought to solve problems that programming presents.

8. Learn Cpp

In Learn C ++ we have one of the most complete web pages to learn to program in this language and it is constantly updated. We have structured the course in 17 chapters plus two appendices, where all the important aspects necessary to master C ++ are touched. In addition, in the comments of the users who have followed the course you can answer questions. Like other resources presented here, it is available in English, but the truth is that today, with the help of translators, it is almost within the reach of anyone who knows the language a little.

9. C ++ reference libraries

It is not exactly a page where you can learn C ++ programming in a traditional way, but once you have mastered the language, it becomes one of the reference websites since it contains all the reference to the standard C ++ libraries. It is not the best place to start programming, even if it has a tutorial, but it is the perfect place for more advanced users.

10. YouTube channel of Pau Fernández

In the Pau Fernández Channel, a review of the programming fundamentals of this language is carried out . It is one of the most complete video channels, where the different concepts of C ++ are explained in great detail. It is a good alternative to complement any of the courses we can take. The videos are very educational and of high quality, for example, 12 videos are dedicated to the chapter of tables, which makes it easier to assimilate the contents.

11. Jesús Conde YouTube channel

It is a complete YouTube channel with 35 videos to learn to program in C ++ . The course does not require previous knowledge, but at the end of the last video the truth is that the skills acquired in C ++ programming are undoubtedly remarkable. Perhaps here, as in the previous case, there is a lack of interactivity when it comes to answering questions.

C ++ continues to be a very popular language, especially for video games, mainly because it combines the low level and efficiency that C provides with object-oriented programming that is almost essential in programming these programs. It may not be the best language to start programming, but the truth is that it is one of the most powerful and versatile.

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