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How to complete contracts in Chapter 2 of Fortnite Season 5

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The new season, chapter two, season five of Fortnite went live earlier this day after the old one ended. The cast of Marvel heroes, present during this season, banded together to take on Galactus and the World Devourer was defeated with the help of a few million Fortnite players ..

Even though everything seemed to be going well and the world of Fortnite seemed to be safe and sound after the event, it looks like Galactus may have done enough damage on Endpoint to create a Loop. Agent Jones briefed players on his efforts to assemble the best team of hunters in the universe, to make sure no one escapes the loop. It couldn't be a good Fortnite patch without new mechanics associated with the story, and Epic Games introduced a new contract system on top of all the changes .

Contracts are in-game challenges that you can only get after logging into a game of Fortnite . You will have to find the NPC who will give you these quests to start doing them, however, they seem to be scattered around the map..

When interacting with an NPC you will have the chance to choose different contracts, but you will only be able to take one with you.

Completing a Contract Quest will give you Gold Bars which can be used to purchase weapons, items, or anything from the same NPC who gave you the Contract..

Here is an NPC location discovered by players, but note that there are plenty of them on the map. It's not yet clear whether these NPCs move around the map with every game, but the chat bubble that appears when you approach should help you find the NPCs.

Screengrab via Epic Games - Remix via Aidan O'Brien

What are Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 contracts ?

There are different contract quests, but the most popular seems to be the Elimination challenge. Offering 70 ingots, this challenge asks you to eliminate an enemy player by notifying you of their position. It won't give you its exact location though, but they will be inside that yellow circle.

If someone else kills the victim before you do, you will still get half the reward back. Other contracts include doing damage with certain weapons, getting a certain kill number, or getting to specific points.

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