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How to get Misty Meadows' Crate of Evidence in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5

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Fortnite is back with a promising new season. Chapter Two, Season Five was a massive collaboration between Marvel and Fortnite players who went to the front against world-devourer Galactus..

With the help of Marvel's heroes and Iron Man's genius blueprint, Fortnite players were able to kick Galactus back from where he came from, but it's not in Fortnite 's genius that it's that simple. While the battle ended successfully, Galactus was nonetheless able to spoil essential parts of the world of Fortnite, creating the Loop. With the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda as the cover stars, Chapter Two, Season Five seeks to bring together elite hunters from across the universes to make sure no one escapes the Loop.

Players will be tasked with different quests during the season both to improve their Battle Pass XP and for the story of the season. One of the quests requires players to visit Misty Meadows to bring back a crate of evidence hidden on the point of interest..

Where to get a Crate of Evidence from Misty Meadows in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 ?

You will need to go to the lower left of Misty Meadows to find the Evidence Crate. She will be waiting for you on a corner of the sidewalk next to flowers.

Screenshot via Epic Games

Interacting with the crate will be enough to collect the evidence and you will also have a window that will appear at the top left of your screen to notify you that you have completed the quest. You will be rewarded with 1000 XP and advance in the story..

Considering that the season is still recent and the majority of players will be trying to complete these challenges, there is a chance that Misty Meadows will turn into one of the hot spots for a short time.

We recommend that you arm yourself before going to the evidence crate, as getting knocked out when picking up the crate will take you straight back to the lobby.

However, you can also try to land on the crate, which will make you the first person to reach it. There are a few boats scattered around Misty Meadows so you can get away quickly after securing your quest.

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