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Where to drive through flaming circles in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5

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It's time to jump through the circles again in Epic Games' Battle Royale. This time, most of the circles are on land, so a regular vehicle will be adequate for the job..

Week 2 challenges aren't live yet, but some important clues on the map and a trip to replay mode might reveal more than you think. Here's how to get through the Burning Rings in Fortnite Chapter Two Season Five.

If you log into the game now and walk through Pleasant Park, you will see a perfect setup to propel your vehicle into the air. Continuing on this road, crossing Stealthy Stronghold will allow you to see the second ramp, with the third ramp that will take you into the ocean that surrounds Fortnite Island ..

Entering replay mode will reveal the burning circles that face each ramp, ready to be traversed.


While the Burning Rings aren't technically on Fortnite , the article will be updated with each official confirmation when the challenge appears..

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