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The best gaming headsets

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Having a high quality gaming headset can enhance your gaming experience. These headsets can also enhance it by offering high quality sound and a way to easily communicate with one's team..

Communicating with your team during a competitive game could be the difference between losing and winning. Fortunately, most headsets on the market include a built-in microphone. Gamers who plan to stream can also use a high-quality headset to interact with their live viewers.

Here are some of the best gaming headsets..

Astro Gaming A50

Image via Astro

Astro is one of the best-known brands in terms of gaming headsets. The company's products enjoy high-quality, easy-to-use features that are compatible with many devices. The A50 is Astro's premium wireless option. This headset features 7.1 surround sound, allowing gamers to pick up audio from multiple locations. The headset is also wireless, allowing the player to move around freely. Astro's included mount is an easy and efficient way to connect and charge the headset, which makes the design much more interesting.

SteelSeries Arctics Pro

Image via SteelSeries

Another recognizable name in the gaming peripheral space is SteelSeries. While their products are varied, their helmets are of exceptional quality. The SteelSeries Arctics Pro  includes a microphone that slides out for use, with a power button directly on the headset. Unlike some gaming headsets, SteelSeries chooses a simple, clean design, focusing on durability rather than a flashy appearance..

The Arctis Pro includes premium Hi-Res speakers. One of the most unique features is the dual battery holder which allows the user to keep a battery charging while the headset is in use.


Image via Corsair

Another clean design on this list is the Corsair VIRTUOSO . The brand's most premium headset is perfect for both PCs and consoles. The VIRTUOSO helmet is made to be comfortable all day long. Its lightweight design and the ear cushions are satisfactory.

Unlike many of the options on this list, connecting the headset does not require a stand. It is possible to plug in the USB adapter to make the headset usable. 7.1 surround sound support gives gamers the edge with crisp and clear audio. The VIRTUOSO can also be connected via a 3.5mm audio jack if required. Corsair gave the headset a built-in omnidirectional mic that delivers one of the best quality sound possible.

Razer Nari Ultimate

Image via Razer

The Razer's Nari Ultimate  is an exceptional wireless headset. With the ability to balance gameplay and audio chat levels, this headset is perfect for team PvP play. It benefits from THX spatial audio, with very impressive quality. With gel infused foams, the Nari is perfect for extended gaming sessions while remaining comfortable.

For gamers who are afraid of lag between their game audio and headphones, the Nari Ultimate offers the option of connecting via a 3.5mm audio or USB cable.

ROG Strix GO 2.4

Image via Republic of Gamers

The ROG Strix Go 2.4 headset  uses a 2.4 GHz USB-C wireless adapter. By using a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, ROG provides gamers with stable audio and a headset that easily connects multiple devices. ROG Strix GO 2.4 includes a microphone using an AI echo canceller, allowing gamers to use the microphone in rooms that are disturbed by background noise.

The headset fast charging option allows the headset to be charged for 15 minutes to achieve 3 hours of battery life. The fast charging option and the 25 hour battery life make the ROG Strix 2.4 battery one of the most flexible options on the list.

Logitech G935

Image via Logitech

Representing the known blue and black style, the Logitech's G935 headset   includes plenty of features for gamers who want to get started . The wireless headset has three programmable buttons on the left ear which can be linked to the player's choice function. The headset also has a power button, a mute button and a volume wheel. Logitech's Pro-G 55mm drivers make the G935 perfect for gaming. Audio from two separate sound sources can also be mixed. The mic LED lets users know when the mic is on, and it's retractable when not in use.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

Image via HyperX

The HyperX Cloud Alpha's  includes a detachable microphone, which makes the headset very good for everyday use outside of gaming. HyperX's dual chamber design driver delivers precise audio and removes distortion. The Cloud Apha is created for extended use and enjoys ample support around the ears. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is compatible with a variety of devices. Players looking for a comfortable and versatile option can look into this model.

Audio Technica ATH-G1WL

Image via Audio Technica

Audio Technica's entry into the headphone market is of exceptional quality that is rather expected. The studio-quality sound of the ATH-G1WL is perfect for users who want to hear even the smallest details in game. The detachable microphone is created to suppress background noise and ensure that the user's voice is heard. is clearly heard. With 15 hours of battery life and an optional USB connection, setting up and launching the headset for the first time is very easy. Audio Technica's ATH-G1WL headphones offer a very good option for audiophile gamers to explore.

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