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How to change the date and time of a photo taken by an iPhone

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Edit date and time metadata from the Photos app


Upon opening the Photos app, do you notice with amazement that your latest photos are not showing up in your Photo Stream? Rest assured, your photos have not disappeared. This is probably a timestamp error. Here is a tip for changing the time and date associated with a photo in just a few clicks..

Edit date and time metadata from the Photos app

It is most likely that your photo collection contains a large number of photos with the wrong shooting date and time. Indeed, you should know that the iPhone like the vast majority of digital cameras automatically records the date and time of the shooting (EXIF data).

Unfortunately it sometimes happens that the phone is incorrectly set (time zone problem) and that the date attached to the photo is incorrect. Obviously this situation is not without posing some problems. As a reminder, the iPhone photo gallery by default classifies images in chronological order..

Attention, by default, the iPhone does not offer any tool to modify the date and time of the photo. This is a significant shortcoming on iOS. But as we will see, there are applications to fix this oversight. This is the case for example with Metapho.

This application is utility to edit Exif data of photos. You will be able to modify the date, time, time zone but also the GPS location associated with the photo. Please note, changing the geolocation requires purchasing the paid pro version..

  • Open the App Store
  • Download and install the Metapho app
  • During the first launch, you will be asked to authorize the application to access your iPhone memory
  • Then press the activate the extension button to edit the Exif data directly from the Photos app
  • Select the photo to edit
  • Locate important time stamp information
  • Click on the edit button
  • Change the shooting date and time

If you end up with a whole series of photos to edit, be aware that the application has a batch processing system. With this feature, you won't need to repeat these tasks photo by photo.

The Metapho app also has a feature to share a photo without any location data. The app takes care of erasing all the Exif metadata (place and date of the shooting) while keeping the original file.

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