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New Mando contract kicks off today on Fortnite

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Fortnite players can participate in the new Mandalorian Limited Time Mode (LTM) this seeded and become the best bounty hunter on the island..

You will have to collect galactic credits by eliminating the target indicated on your tracking puck or the opponents that you meet. You can play alone or with friends from now until February 9.

All players will start the game with three lives and the first to reach the credits goal wins the game. Those who have a Victory Royale in this mode will also receive the Commemorative Beskar Umbrella..

Epic describes this umbrella as "forged by ancestral artisans from this precious alloy, it bears the crest of a two-person clan." But, obviously, it's just glider cosmetics.

Fortnite's island will be filled with other hunters - including Mando himself - targeting players with the best gear, so keep an eye out for other players and hunters when creating your build..

Image via Epic Games

If you want to take a break you can also visit Kit's new cantina located in the desert. It is forbidden to hunt there however.

This mode contains licensed music that content creators can stream or post to YouTube without demonetization until February 9. But every content in Mando mode will be demonetized after that date.

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