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How to deliver the love potion to Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town in Fortnite

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Slurpy Swamp
Shanty Town

Someone is desperate to find love and you have the solution. Delivering a love potion is one of Fortnite's challenges for week 11 of chapter two, season five and you only have to choose one of the two locations listed..

Slurpy Swamp can be found directly southwest of the map. If you want to get there to have a more secluded position, go further west past the swamp until you find a small cluster of buildings near the cliff face of the island to get to Shanty Town. .

Here's what you need to do to complete this challenge on each location..

Slurpy Swamp

Once you are in the swamp, go to the juice factory. Go to the main factory building, then to the upper right wing and second floor. Here you will find a small room with many jars and a small bear cub, indicating the location of your love potion.

If you can find a good position for your glider, land on the roof in order to get there by breaking materials..

Shanty Town

Go to the larger building on the far right in Shanty Town. If you go through the front door, you will immediately see the teddy bear put forward in a small room inside, where you can complete your challenge. When you help someone find love, you earn 20,000 XP.

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