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How to listen to the last diary for Raz in Season 6, Chapter 2 of Fortnite

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The third week of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 was released yesterday, bringing a new set of challenges. By rewarding players with XP and other items, these quests also play a vital role in telling the story of the season..

You will be doing Tarana a few favors this week, each of them sending you on various adventures on the map. The NPC Raz at Colossal Crops will also ask you to "listen to the last diary", which is proof of strange events that will happen around the Spire.

This journal can also be found in Colossal Crops, so there won't be any need to go very far after taking the quest..

After talking to Raz, exit the building by taking the stairs and head south. You should find the shiny audio log in a wall, placed between the Colossal letters O and S on the minimap.

You will have to interact with it to listen to the latest newspaper. Once the interaction is done, go back to Raz and talk to him again..

But the quest won't end there. He will need some time to process the information and will ask you to complete 5 quests which are quite rare. You will need to complete all the rare and quests above on the map, and they will count towards your progress.

You can open your quest log and take the easiest ones to speed up the process. While this seems like extra work, this quest pushes you to complete more tasks than you should have done later for more XP.

If you want to complete the 5 additional quests at once, you will benefit from doing a bit of looting before taking the last journal. Heading outside of Colossal Crops will be key to completing everything in a single match, and it's one of the more competitive locations on the map.

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