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Where to collect artifacts for Tarana in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

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The first artifact
The second artefact
The third artefact

The third week of the last season of Fortnite is live and many quests have been added. These challenges are essential for players wanting to crank up their battle pass to the max. They also play an important role in the history of the season..

With patch 16.10, the second Spire challenge has arrived. Players will need to collect the artifacts for Tarana this time around. These artifacts are located in Boney Burbs, a location northwest of Speyer.

The first artifact

The first artifact is located around the western part of Boney Burbs, just below the first "B" in Boney. It's inside an old store that's practically in ruins now. Once inside, look for the counter and check the back of it. You will see an object that glows blue, this will be the first artifact..

The second artefact

The second artifact will be waiting for you on the opposite side of Boney Burbs. Go to the south-east of the city, near the clock tower. The artifact will be outside however, just below the stairs of the clock tower.

The third artefact

Right after you collect the second artifact, you will need to travel north to collect the third. Look for an old shop again, but the artifact will be hidden somewhere else within it. Go upstairs, and once you get there you'll see the artifact glistening on the ground between a wall and a tree..

First Artifact - Screenshot via Fortnite.gg
Second Artifact - Screenshot via Fortnite.gg
Third Artifact - Screenshot via Fortnite.gg

After collecting all the artifacts, you will need to return to Tarana in order to proceed to the next step of the quest. She also spends her time wandering around Boney Burbs, you won't have to take a long time to find her after collecting all the artifacts.

Since the quest has only just been released, Boney Burbs will be filled with enemies looking to complete it just like you. Make sure you find weapons before you start looking for these artifacts since there is a good chance that you will encounter a lot of opponents there.

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