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Where are NPCs 43 and 44 in Fortnite - are Idyll and Cuddle King positions available?

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With the start of Chapter Two, Season Five, NPCs have become an integral part of Fortnite . The new bounties have made the game more hectic, and the only way to collect these bounties is to claim them from NPCs..

In addition to claiming the quests from these friendly faces, you will also need to redeem your rewards, gold bars, in exchange for their services or loot. NPCs are a part of collection quests as well, meaning you will need to all pay them a visit to complete them.

NPCs are scattered all over the Fortnite map , meaning finding them all will take a while, even if you know their locations. Some change their positions randomly, and Epic Games adds other NPCs from time to time based on the events. Snowmando was introduced into the game during the winter event, and it looks like Idyll and Cuddly King's turn. These two skins were released during the Valentine's Day event in Fortnite , and they are expected to become NPCs too..

For now, their positions are still unknown as they have not yet been released. Considering that patch 15.40 is expected to be released today on Fortnite , it wouldn't be a surprise to meet them right after this update is released.

This article will be updated once Idyll and Cuddle King show up on the Fortnite map . Until the pair hits the online servers, you can use the time you have to visit any NPCs you haven't been able to meet so far to make sure you're up to date..

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