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Where to find all Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 11 XP coins

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Every day is a new adventure in Fortnite , encouraging players to come back and log in daily for new content..

Every season of Fortnite comes with a battle pass filled with content and cosmetics. Epic has done a tremendous job with the story and the quests. Not only are these challenges an essential part of the story of the season, but they also reward players with XP, allowing them to grind the Battle Pass levels. Some tasks will obviously be more complicated to perform than others, and it might be a good idea to look for shortcuts to collect Battle Pass XP and save time.

However you will come across quests that require you to collect XP coins scattered around the map, they reset them to zero every week in new locations. This means that while there isn't a quest that will give you direction to the XP coins, there could be more on the map just waiting for you..

In most cases, 10 XP coins have their place on the map, giving players a total of 75 100XP.

  • Green XP Coins = 5,000 XP
  • Blue XP Coins = 6,500 XP
  • Purple XP Coins = 10,300 XP
    • Unlike other coins, purple XP coins break into many coins when you try to collect them and you will be able to grab a total of 10,300 XP if you collect them all.
  • Gold XP Coins = 15,000 XP

Here's where you can find all the XP coins in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Five, Week 11 ..

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All the places to find the Green Coins in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Five, Week 11

The first room is located just below Coral Castle at Fort Crumpet. You'll need to go inside the castle to find the room, and it will be in the southwest part.

You will need to go to Weeping Woods to collect the second green coin. It is located at the entrance to the east of the landmark and can be seen up the hill where the road begins to turn to Weeping Woods.

The third green coin will take you up mountains. You will need to go to the high mountains behind Misty Meadows. You should be able to see the room as you come down the hill on the opposite side, near Foxtrot Base Camp.

The fourth and final green room is located a few yards from Dirty Docks. You will need to leave the landmark via the main road that connects it to the outside world. You will see the green XP coin inside the pylon on the hill.

All the places to find the blue coins in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Five, Week 11

The blue pieces are usually located above the water, meaning you will need to put on your swimsuit before going to collect them. Collecting a vehicle before you go hunting for the blue coins can speed up the process since you will have to compete against the circle if you are looking to collect them all in one game.

For the first blue XP coin, you'll need to travel south of Holly Hedges until you find the beach. You should see the first blue piece floating above the water after passing Rainbow Rentals.

Compared to the first part, the second is rather easy to find. It is located just outside of Lazy Lake. You'll need to find the bridge to the west of Lazy Lake, and you'll see the blue room.

If the center of the map is not empty during this season, you will be able to swim to the third blue room. It is located west of Dirty Docks, right between the two bridges. Jumping into the water right after you collect the green XP coin next to Dirty Docks and continuing south will take you straight to the third blue XP coin, which makes Dirty Docks a good place to start collecting all the pieces in the first part.

All the places to find the purple coins in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Five, Week 11

You will find the first purple coin on the road that connects Sweaty Sands to Salty Towers. Just around the central part of the road you will see a house. The first purple room will be to the west of this house.

You'll need to go to the other side of the map, at Retail Row, to find the second purple XP room. Go to the southern entrance of Retail Row and look for a lone tree next to a hill. The second purple XP piece should be in your line of sight.

All the places to find the gold coins in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Five, Week 11

The only XP Gold coin available on the map is located at Viking Vessel which can be found west of Holly Hedges. The part will not be visible from the outside because it is in the boat, so you will have to go in from above or break the walls with your pickaxe to get in.

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