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Alien is likely Fortnite's next visitor

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Fortnite is probably preparing for the arrival of an ugly visitor from outer space..

The Alien franchise holder Alien would likely be the next big figure to make a crossover appearance in the battle royale popculture melting pot, according to a new image and audio from numerous Fortnite data miners .

ShiinaBR and HYPEX posted an image of Fortnite's new portal , reminiscent of the Nostromo, the special ship in the various films and games of the Alien franchise . It is accompanied by terrifying throaty growls, probably mimicking the Xenomorph in search of fresh meat..

New Portal With Sounds! pic.twitter.com/yh5oTvOaUw

- HYPEX (@HYPEX) February 24, 2021

Since the Predator was added to the game over a month ago, fans might get to see some Alien vs. Predator - however with much more construction and editing than in the movies.

As Fortnite nears the end of its fifth season of Chapter Two in mid-March, it looks like they're not braking on crossovers. It's possible that Alien will be the last hunter in search of unsuspected prey, but potential collaborations with Street Fighter and Terminator are, it seems, still on the horizon..

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