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Fortnite's default pickaxe is back and can be pre-ordered for free on PSN

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Fortnite's default pickaxe is back under a new name to celebrate the game's origins and oldest players..

The Return Pickaxe will return to play soon, but it can be pre-ordered for free now from the US PlayStation Store . It should come to other platforms very soon.

Screenshot via PlayStation

The Pickaxe was the original default skin for breaking materials when the game was released in 2017. It has become unavailable in Fortnite Chapter Two , until now..

When the game first came out and Epic Games started releasing new skins, players were doing everything in their power to have their own unique pickaxe. But now it's come full circle as players can get the same pickaxe that no one wanted once other options popped up.

“Relive the early days of Fortnite Battle Royale with the default pickaxe from Chapter 1,” reads the item description. “Claim your pickaxe now, and you'll also be licensed for Fortnite for PS5 , so it will show up in your play list when the software update on the PS5. "

The next-gen update for Fortnite will launch at the same time as the PS5 release next week..

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