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What is the improvised weapon and how to improve it in chapter 2, season 6 of Fortnite?

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The new season of Fortnite is here and the new Primitive theme has added some new features, like the ability to tame wild animals and craft your own weapons. You could only find weapons on the map, but now you can find improvised weapons and craft Primal and Mechanical upgrades..

The basic weapon types, like Rifle, Pump, and Bow, have modifiable, primal, and mechanic versions now. The Improvised Weapon is the most basic version and you can upgrade it to a Primal or Mechanical version using crafting materials.

The difference between the versions is in their damage and rate of fire stats. The best ones depend on your playstyle, so experiment with the different types and versions of weapons to see which one works best for you..

Most weapons have only one version of the new improvised, Primitive, and Mechanical types. But the arc has more than one type of enhancement of the same version, such as Mechanical Explosive Arc and Shockwave Arc for example.

Here are all of the Improvised, Primitive, and Mechanical versions of weapons available in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Six :

  • Primitive Pistol
  • Primitive Rifle
  • Improvised rifle
  • SMG Primitive
  • Improvised submachine gun
  • Primitive Pump
  • Improvised pump
  • Mechanical Arc
  • Improvised arch
  • Mechanical explosive arc
  • Mechanical Shock Wave Arc
  • Primitive Bow
  • Primitive Fire Bow
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To start making your own weapons, you'll need to find an improvised version of a weapon to use as a base. You will need to have either animal bones or mechanical parts to upgrade your weapon..

Primitive weapons require Animal Bones and tend to do more damage than other weapons. After hunting any animal, collect its bones and interact with the improvised weapon in your inventory to craft a Primal weapon.


Mechanical weapons, on the other hand, are more precise and consume mechanical parts. Collect the mechanical parts and follow the same process as for a Primitive weapon. You can craft famous weapons like the Shotgun, Revolver, and Assault Rifle.

You can follow the same steps with the bow, but there are four more possibilities after you upgrade it to Primitive or Mechanical (two varieties of each). Try combining flammable substances or organisms to see what will cause you to get Mechanical Explosive Arc, Mechanical Shockwave Arc, Primitit Arc, and Primitive Fire Arc.

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