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How much money can a good mobile game generate (Monument Valley case)

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Millions of downloads and millions of dollars has returned to the programmer the popular multiplatform mobile game Monument Valley, which has a cost of around 4 dollars. It is a puzzle game of great visual quality, which basically consists of altering three-dimensional constructions at your convenience, demanding a new level of thought from the player..

As you can see in the partial infographic below, since its launch two years ago and until now, the Monument Valley game has been downloaded more than 26 million times, generating more than $ 14 million in income to the London developer USTWO, combining all the platforms on which it has been published.


Source: medium.com

Here it is evidenced once again  that iOS is the most profitable mobile platform of all. In the case of Monument Valley, 73% of its total income was obtained from this platform and only 17% was obtained from the Android platform, through Google Play. In other words, the Monument Valley game has generated around four times more money on iOS than on Android, and with such figures, little or no influence is the fact that the game was released first on iOS and a month later on Android..

The interesting thing about all this is that the price of the game is practically the same for Android and iOS. It may seem illogical that if approximately 80% of smartphone users in the world have an Android mobile and less than 20% use an iOS device, an application generates more income on the latter platform: in the case of Monument Valley, there is more people buying a paid game on iOS than on Android. Probably the answer is that, although there are far fewer people in the world with an iPhone or iPad, in this "small" group there are users with good purchasing power who are much greater in number than those in the group of Android users with good. purchasing power.

Another interesting detail of the Monument Valley statistics is that, although the game was downloaded more than 26 million times, only slightly more than 5 million downloads were charged. The rest were free downloads, which users obtained through promotions such as iOS Week, Amazon Underground or iDreamSky (a platform for distribution of games in China, which in the case of Monument Valley, allowed more than 11 million downloads). Here it cannot be said that the total money came only from those 5 million downloads charged, because once inside Monument Valley there is also additional content that can be purchased, so the free downloads should also have generated money in this way..

This could be taken as a real example of the money that great mobile app developers make: in a single day they can earn tens of thousands of dollars from a single successful game, such as Monument Valley. Obviously these are not figures comparable to what small or independent developers will obtain, but it can definitely be stimulating information for those and for those who want to start in this world of developing mobile apps and games.

Monument Valley for Android : Link  (Google Play)
Monument Valley for iOS : Link  (Apple App Store)
More information : medium.com

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