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How TikTok 2021 algorithm works

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How the algorithm works in Tik Tok
How TikTok algorithm works with new accounts
Tik Tok algorithm in 2021
How to like the TikTok algorithm in 2021

The popularity of TikTok has grown because users can gain a large active audience in a short period of time. This happens thanks to the algorithms of the application. However, it is difficult to determine how they work. The system is constantly changing the way videos are evaluated..

The article deals with the question of how TikTok algorithms will work in 2021. This can be judged because the basic principles of work are already developing.

How the algorithm works in Tik Tok

If you want to know how an algorithm works, you won't be able to get the full information. On the Internet, people only speculate on how the assessment takes place using their own experience..

Here is some general information users know about video rating methods:

  1. The videos are checked by the system, not by a living person, since there are many of them on the platform.
  2. The algorithm changes so often that it is difficult to trace trends. But we have already described the Tik Tok trends of 2021.
  3. Tiktokers with experience on the site are more difficult to advance than beginners.
  4. At the beginning of the path, it is easier to get into the algorithm of the system, therefore, views with great chances will appear on the first videos of users, which are decorated with hashtags and descriptions.


The system evaluates newcomers more actively, but this does not necessarily have a positive effect on the user. The platform interacts with a new Tik Tok user according to the following scenario:

  • sends one or two rollers to the recommendations for lifting the coverage;
  • tiktoker relaxes and makes mistakes in blogging;
  • the system responds immediately and does not skip videos in Tik Tok recommendations often.

As a result, gaining an audience is difficult, so the user needs to look for new ways to attract people to the content.

How TikTok algorithm works with new accounts

If you have just signed up on the platform, it is important to understand what steps you take can affect views. Users often report that the algorithm takes into account the following details:

  1. Content. The system draws attention to the people who appear in your video, as well as to the surrounding area. If you violate the rules of the site, even indirectly, you will not be included in the recommendations.
  2. The uniqueness of the plot. If you use content from another user, the algorithm will consider it a copyright infringement and will not let the clip through to the audience.
  3. Material handling. If your video clip is edited in TikTok, the system will make your work stand out among others, and when processed on third-party resources, you lose the chances of getting into recommendations.
  4. Music. It takes into account whether the melody is the author's or belongs to another person. Read how to add your own music to Tik Tok.

These details of how the algorithm works can be applied to experienced users as well, if their period of lifting on the platform has passed..

Study the community guidelines to ensure that your videos are featured in recommendations and that the system can't find an error in your content.


If you are afraid to have your first work on the platform due to a mixed rating, it is important to understand that you will get your views first.

The number may be small, but the TikTok algorithm will pay attention to your video. Experienced users have noticed that the system can specifically wind up views on the first clips of TikTokers.

This can be determined by comparing the number of coverage of the first two entries in the feed. They are usually identical.

Tik Tok algorithm in 2021

If a user uploads their first videos, they will get views with great chances. The following works receive 5-6 times less coverage. But there are other situations, read why there are no views on Tik Tok.

However, if there was a high return on the initial videos - this is a relatively equal number of likes, comments, subscribers and visits to the author's account, then on the next clips the views will, on the contrary, grow.

This means that the first videos on your page received engagement views. If the indicator is positive, the growth will continue. Otherwise, you will have to try to attract a live audience.


If you want to constantly get into the recommendations, monitor and adjust the following indicators on the page:

  4. Duration of video viewing.
  5. Views of other works of the author and transitions to the page.
  6. Percentage of increase in subscribers after viewing.
  7. Description and hashtags.
  8. Filters.

These metrics are important for TikTokers, so you need to create quality content that will engage your audience. Otherwise, there will be no gain.

The algorithm in TikTok works to ensure that users release catchy video clips with high-quality content. And also uploaded clips in good quality to Tik Tok.

If you want to increase the popularity of the app, you will have to post content regularly. When the system notes a drop in activity on the page, views will stop growing on all videos, not just the last. Sometimes a Tik Tok shadow ban is applied.


How to like the TikTok algorithm in 2021

Use these tips if you want to promote your videos and increase your page reach:

  1. Before publishing, place hashtags and write a description, as the system will react to them faster than to the empty field under the video.
  2. Think about the plot of the video to make sure the idea is in line with community guidelines. Raising resonant topics is risky.
  3. Shoot about people, not abstract images and objects. TikTok responds better if the video shows a face or a person in full growth. These videos look alive.
  4. React to other users' content, write comments and reply to them under your clips.
  5. Don't hide content from other TikTokers. Such videos will not be included in the recommendations, although they can be found in the search. This will affect coverage.
  6. Do not duplicate someone else's content, even if you only borrowed an idea. Such videos can be in your feed, but not in the overwhelming number.
  7. Edit clips in the app. If you work through other editors, it is better to add additional effects to the video before publishing. Read on to learn how to make beautiful transitions in a clip.
  8. A call to action at the end of a video track is not a Tik Tok format. These snippets are regarded as repeating after another user on the network.


If you follow the recommendations, it will be easier and more interesting for users to follow your account. This will affect their engagement, as well as the content assessment by the algorithm.

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