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TikTok hashtags for recommendations

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How to find popular hashtags in Tik Tok
List of popular hashtags in TikTok
How to embed popular hashtags in Tik Tok video
How to understand that popular hashtags on TikTok work

Hashtags are a special tag on a Tik Tok video that helps you get into the recommendations of the social network and get more views. They are located under the roller in the tape, after the description. In this article, we will tell you how to use hashtags to promote your profile on Tik Tok..

How to find popular hashtags in Tik Tok

What are the main functions of hashtags in Tik Tok:

  1. Simplifies the search for a video on the platform.
  2. They help in promotion if the ticker uses trend tags.
  3. Increase the number of subscribers and likes on the page.
  4. They help to make an account top-ranked.
  5. Promote recommendations to the feed faster.

To find relevant hashtags, you can ask what the Tik Tok bloggers indicate, conduct your own mini-research. This instruction will help with this:

  1. Go to your TikTok profile.
  2. Open the search section. To do this, tap on the magnifying glass icon in the panel below.
  3. In the search box, type in the nicknames of popular bloggers and go to their pages.
  4. See what labels they put up. Compare with the number of views and likes to see which tags are promoting your promotion.
  5. Use these labels when you publish a video that is relevant to the topic.


List of popular hashtags in TikTok

In order not to search for a long time, check out this list of popular Tik Tok hashtags in 2021:

  • #a friend of mine;
  • #summer's soon;
  • # endlessly video;
  • # I love football;
  • #fun;
  • #fashion;
  • #follow;
  • #amazing;
  • #selfie;
  • #picoftheday;
  • #cute;
  • #memes;
  • #funny;
  • #muser;
  • #dance;
  • #beach;
  • #tiktokondo;
  • #dancemoms.

In addition, do not forget to follow Tik Tok trends and be on the wave of the most relevant videos.


If you are leading TikTok to become a popular blogger TikToker millionaire, you can use these tags to promote:

  • # rivers;
  • #recommendations;
  • #newvideo;
  • # popular;
  • #followme;
  • # top;
  • #followworldwide;
  • #popular;
  • #funnyvideo;
  • #followforfollowback.

If you want to get more likes on Tik Tok, use these words for your tags:

  • #like;
  • #like;
  • #likeforlike;
  • # like4like;
  • # repost4folow;
  • # subscribers;
  • #subscription.

But you need to be careful with these hashtags. If you over-spam, Tik Tok moderators can send you to a shadow ban for this, since you are begging for subscriptions and likes from others..

How to embed popular hashtags in Tik Tok video

To insert a mark, first remove the clip. Then add effects, filters, add music to the video, adjust the speed and proceed to publishing.

Before that, you will need to enter a description and hashtags in the field next to the cover. Enter three to four tags maximum, so as not to overspam. Then add a cover for your video and publish it..


How to understand that popular hashtags on TikTok work

You can view hashtag statistics on the platform. But for this you have to transfer your profile to a PRO account in Tik Tok. For this:

  1. Open your page and go to settings.
  2. Select the "Account Management" section and choose which profile you want - for business or for author.
  3. After that you will have a section "Statistics", where all information about the profile will be marked.


You will not be able to see the data right away - you need to wait a week for the information to be collected. After that, you will see how hashtags work for promotion.

The data will help you understand which tags are ineffective for promotion on TikTok, and you will only use actual signatures. Another metric is how often you end up on Tik Tok recommendations.

If this happens regularly, hashtags can be called effective. However, bad content with trending tags is unlikely to advance, so keep in mind the main thing - the quality of your video clips.

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