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American Hype House ➤ Members and House Life

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Where is Hype House
Hype House members
What happens at the American Hype House

House in TikTok is an association of TikTokers who shoot collaborative content and gain an audience. Thanks to the house, you can increase the number of fans and subscribers both in the profile of the house itself and on individual accounts of the participants..

In this article, we will tell you in a little more detail who lives in one of the most famous houses in America, how it appeared and what the guys shoot for their TikToks.

Where is Hype House

Tik Tok's first house is the Hype House in America. The mansion in which the Tiktokers live is located in a closed area. The address is still carefully hidden, because the project has more than 20 million fans, and if they find out where their idols live, they will not leave the territory a single step..


But fans know from the video what the bloggers' mansion looks like. This is a Spanish-style building with a swimming pool, a courtyard for relaxation, a huge kitchen for living together and filming.

There are also many rooms inside the mansion that are unfurnished. This is necessary so that TikTokers can shoot content without difficulty and do not interfere with each other..

For almost two years of existence, no one knows how to get into this house. Participants are selected according to criteria that are known only to the residents of the house.

Hype House members

19 people are involved in the project. Thomas Petru and Chase Hudson are the first tiktokers in the house who invented it. In addition to them, the following still live in the house:

  • Charlie D'Amelio,
  • Dixie D'Amelio,
  • Avani Gregg,
  • Addison Rae,
  • Cover Annon,
  • Ondreas Lopez,
  • Tony Lopez,
  • Larry Merritt,
  • Nick Austin,
  • Jack Wright,
  • Ryland Storms,
  • Hootie Hurley,
  • Patrick Huston,
  • Calvin Goldby,
  • Viyat Xavier.

Some of these members and a few others do not live here permanently. They usually leave and come for filming.


The project is presented both on Instagram and on TikTok. Participants upload photos, video jokes and creative clips to their accounts. The Hype House in America gave impetus to the development of other houses in the States and in Russia. For example, Danya Milokhin created the Hype House in Russia.

For example, black Tiktokers decided to team up and create their own home. This is justified by the fact that the members of the Hype House are only white. Later, representatives of the LGBT community began to create their own homes and shoot content.

What happens at the American Hype House

Followers love to watch the TikTokers in the home. Members develop as bloggers, filming entertainment content and sharing in-house events.

However, people follow the guys not only for this reason. Bloggers build relationships with each other, tell the audience about it. Many people find it interesting to watch such events, because the Hype House is becoming a full-fledged reality show.


For example, TikTok literally exploded with rumors and speculation when Charlie D'Amelio and Chase Hudson started dating. A similar excitement was caused by the separation of the guys.

Also, participants must constantly shoot. House Tiktokers who ignore this rule are kicked out of the house.

Despite the fact that the guys are young, they do not hold loud parties in the house, but work. At House House, work is constantly in full swing, ideas for Tik Tok are being born and filming is being made.

This activity is not only fun, because the participants spend a lot of time generating ideas and get tired as well as from work. Although the activity is creative, but it takes time and energy.

It is not surprising that many similar projects in Russia, America and Europe are often closed - when there is no feedback from the fans, the desire to continue shooting disappears.

Regardless of whether TikToker enters the house or promotes on its own, everyone can decently monetize their content. Read on our blog how much Tiktokers earn, let this be a great motivation!

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