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Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 shows off with this color

There is very little left for the presentation of the new Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4; phones of which we have already talked a little about the design and the possible price that these will carry. The truth is that they have been leaking considerably in recent days, and precisely today it has been possible to see a Fold 4 in gold, this being really interesting and attractive to the eye.

We know that folding devices are eye-catching and this is where Samsung has managed to convince the vast majority with its proposals, and we anticipate that the same will happen with this new color that will surely make it much more Premium and unique compared to the competition. However, it is still a completely expensive device where we see it ; almost out of our reach.

Despite this, we have decided to create a unique article about this new color and take the opportunity to review its main characteristics a bit.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 shows off with this color

As you can see, this gold color that the Galaxy Fold 4 will surely have is really striking as we said, but it is not as aggressive. It could be said that it is a pastel or cream color that has a special approach to gold and we like it . The result makes the Smartphone as if it were a special edition, although we do not know if there will be a version of this nature.

On the other hand, we note that Samsung continues to bet on a continuous design; integrating very few novelties at the design level. But, the fans have a special expectation in the mark of the fold of the Smartphone , something that according to the latest reports this device would bring an improved hinge so that it is not noticeable as in its predecessors.

As for its specifications, we find a Smartphone that would carry the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 , Qualcomm's flagship chipset. In this way, we would have a sustainable and improved performance; Helping enormously with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage , we're not ruling out a 512GB version.

On the other hand, there is talk that the S-Pen will not only be compatible with internal screens when unfolded, but also with the external one, something that is not in Fold 3. What could be a drawback is its 4,400mAh battery and the possible 25W fast charge , but we will confirm all this on August 10.

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