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This application is better than WhatsApp and you are NOT using it

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Telegram better than WhatsApp
Why does no one use Telegram?
Download Telegram: Official website

WhatsApp is the most popular Internet messaging application that exists today. However, it is not the only one of its kind. There are many alternatives to WhatsApp and one of them, perhaps the best of all and even better than WhatsApp itself is Telegram, an application whose founder is Pável Dúrov, a businessman well known for creating the Russian Facebook VKontakte..

Telegram better than WhatsApp

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There are several things that make Telegram better than WhatsApp. For example, you can add up to 200,000 members to a group (vs. 256 in WhatsApp), customize the chat screen more, save messages for yourself (in WhatsApp you must send them to yourself with this trick ), configure multiple accounts in the same application with two different numbers (you must duplicate the WhatsApp application to achieve this) and one of the things that I like the most: the stickers, which are more beautiful and of better quality in Telegram, although of course this is something relative.

Apart from that, Telegram also offers other possibilities for pro or advanced users. For example, you can use a Telegram channel for visitors to your website to join and be able to spread your content through that channel, something similar to an email marketing system. In this case the number of people who can join is unlimited..

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On the other hand, for Telegram there are "bots" that allow you to do tasks within the same application and that you could not do without additional applications, such as mathematical calculations, sending large files , editing PDF, MP3 files, translating, etc.

Finally, Telegram has alternative clients with more advanced experimental functions, such as Telegram X that incorporates enriched privacy options, surveys, games, etc., which in this case and unlike the pirated WhatsApp clients, you will not be banned for using it..

Why does no one use Telegram?

Actually this is a lie. By January 2021, Telegram already had 500 million users worldwide. This is a very significant figure, even compared to the 2 billion WhatsApp users. Surely, in one way or another, some people around you are already using it, although perhaps as a secondary messaging app. And that is precisely the problem with Telegram. If your friends, acquaintances or contacts are not on Telegram, it is of very little use. Despite the scope of this app, WhatsApp is still very massive, even in the corporate or business environment, where it is one of the main communication channels. In fact, WhatsApp Business exists exclusively for this purpose.

Download Telegram: Official website

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