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The most important news of Microsoft Ignite 2021 - Innovar Technologies

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The great news of the event
Microsoft Mesh, the most outstanding novelty
Azure continues to advance thanks to Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint
Creating low-code applications is getting easier
Power Automate & Power BI also have their news

The most important news of Microsoft Ignite 2021

During this week the annual Microsoft Ignite 2021 event has been held , organized by the Microsoft company itself, aimed at more than 100,000 global attendees, including IT implementers and decision makers, developers, data professionals, security professionals and people from various industries to experience the latest technology and get a glimpse of what's next, especially for the business world.

As it could not be otherwise given the situation of the last year, companies have accelerated the digitization of each of their processes. We have witnessed the help of technology to be able to work remotely or even to prevent and reduce the risk of contagion thanks to the discoveries and studies carried out collaboratively throughout the planet.

Microsoft has taken into account this new technological era that has come to stay and in which we see reflected some of its great innovations announced at the event. To make it easier for you, at Innovate we have selected the key news announced at Microsoft Ignite 2021 so you can stay up to date with what's coming. Let's find out!

The great news of the event

During the sessions, Microsoft has told us about the news and upcoming releases that it has prepared to continue consolidating its business applications as leaders in the market. We leave you a link in case you want to find out absolutely all the news, but if you want to get to the point, we bring you a summary of the most important:

  • Azure continues to advance thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform, is loaded with new features. One of the most interesting is how it's going to make it easier for customers to bring artificial intelligence capabilities to Edge Computing technology: collecting information on the site and processing it so that, for example, they can activate voice commands, notifications to managers when stocks are about to run out or video streams that can control it all.

Another great novelty of the Azure ecosystem is the launch of Azure Synapse Pathway , which will allow data to be migrated from Microsoft's big data integration, storage and analysis platform, Azure Synapse Analytics , in just a few minutes, thus greatly speeding up this process.

The most important news of Microsoft Ignite 2021 - Innovar Tecnologías

  • Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint

The instant messaging and video conferencing tool Microsoft Teams has also made a big splash in 2020. It has positioned itself as a key element in combating social distance between team members. This is why we did not expect less and Microsoft continues to release news for this platform.

On this occasion, Microsoft surprised us with the announcement of the link between Teams and Connect, a new channel integrated into the Teams platform that  allows administrators to create a shared workspace for both employees of the organization and external collaborators . This will allow us to expand the collaboration options between different organizations, without having to limit ourselves exclusively to connecting only with colleagues from the same company.

In addition, in these spaces we can not only access the chat, we can also hold meetings by video call or collaborate while working on the same document.

With this new function, Microsoft is seeking to increasingly improve the integration and control of external collaborators in the company's different projects .

Another point that has caught our attention is the launch of Microsoft PowerPoint Live integrated into Teams . This tool allows us to create and edit within Teams, as we were used to, but now we can also create the presentation in real time on a screen where we are going to see each other.

This is a very good point for when we want to collaborate within the same document, but at the same time we need to communicate with our colleagues live. With PowerPoint Live we won't have to make a separate call, everything will be integrated into the same document.

  • Creating low-code applications is getting easier

Power Platform, the Microsoft platform that allows anyone, even without technical training, to develop applications and automate processes thanks to its low code philosophy, has arrived at Ignite 2021 with a great novelty: a new code called Microsoft Power FX. Power FX is a programming language promoted by Microsoft that is very similar to the formulas that we can use daily in Excel and which we can use to develop our applications within Power Apps. Power FX is qualified as a low-code language so you don't need to write almost any code to get amazing results.

So, if you're already fluent in Excel, you should know that you're also automatically fluent in Microsoft's new language, and you're more than ready to start building apps in Power Apps.

And here comes the best! It is under an open source license , which means that it can be used by all kinds of developers.

  • Power Automate & Power BI also have their news

Attention, because this is sure to interest the vast majority of us: Microsoft Power Automate Desktop , which offers robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities that easily automate time-consuming manual work, will be available to Windows 10 users at no additional cost. . This means that any customer will be able to download Power Automate Desktop and start creating automated workflows between applications and services.

Not only Power Automate has news, Power BI also wants to join the party. Therefore, with the latest Power BI Premium update, we will find it available in preview. This includes architecture updates for general performance, stability, and security improvements.

And if that were not enough, we still have the king of the party! Stay tuned for the most promising, impressive and, although it may not seem so, realistic novelty that Microsoft has launched.

Microsoft Mesh, the most outstanding novelty

The announcement that generated the most hype on the day was the launch of the new Microsoft Mesh mixed reality platform . This tool enhances collaborative experiences through holograms, so that teleworking and social distance are less significant by being able to feel that we are physically present and, in addition, with the plus of being able to interact with 3D content through applications enabled on any platform or device, including Microsoft HoloLens, smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

The most important news of Microsoft Ignite 2021 - Innovar Tecnologías

This platform will make it possible to break down borders and have collaborative meetings regardless of the geographical distance that some colleagues are from others, carry out design sessions, learn and teach classes or organize virtual social meetings. Microsoft Mesh will help us simplify and speed up development thanks to multiple features such as:

  • Collaborate, create and communicate.
  • Help with problem solving.
  • Train anywhere.
  • Design and learn through holograms.

Microsoft Mesh also benefits from Azure's enterprise-grade security and privacy features, as well as its vast computing resources, data, artificial intelligence, and mixed reality services.

Will we begin to witness a new era in the world of technology?

 If you have any questions or need to contact us for information, you can write them an email through this link, we will be happy to talk to you!

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