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Does OBDeleven ask you for a PIN and you don't have the recovery email? This is the solution

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Be careful with used ODBeleven

The OBDeleven or ODB11 device is a vehicle diagnostic tool that connects via Bluetooth. When you try to connect to the device from the OBDeleven app on your phone, you may be prompted for a PIN. This PIN is a security measure that is established the first time the device is configured (along with an email), to prevent someone from connecting to the OBDeleven without your permission. If you do not have this PIN and you do not have access to that email, there is still a simple solution, although somewhat delayed..


I bought a used ODBeleven on eBay from a disreputable seller, who sold me this device with an already established PIN, which I evidently did not know. When I set up my email in the ODBeleven Car Diagnostics application and tried to connect to the device (once already connected to my 2016 Volkswagen Golf car), it asked me for that PIN. I used the Forgot PIN option but it told me that the PIN would be sent to the previous owner's email address, which I clearly didn't have access to either.

Unfortunately the ODBeleven does not have a reset button or anything similar. The only solution if you do not have the PIN and do not have access to the email used during the establishment of that PIN is to contact technical support . I did it from the Help option, Send us a message from the same ODBeleven Car Diagnostics application, attaching the information or eBay purchase receipt and the email that I used during my own initial configuration. On my own I also added the serial number and part of the device. I sent this request on a Friday and on Monday of the following week they solved the problem and I was able to connect to the device..

Be careful with used ODBeleven

When you buy a second-hand ODBeleven, make sure you get the PIN set by the previous owner, and preferably look into the possibility of changing the initially configured email address to your own. This is something that I still have pending, but I assume that it must be something configurable once you have access to the device after entering the PIN.

More information : obdeleven.com/es/support

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