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My cell phone does not charge with any charger (and it is not the charging pin)

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My cell phone fell out of my pants pocket and in addition to the screen turning black in a very random and unpredictable way, when I got to charge it at home I realized that it didn't have any charger on it , not even on the computer. The problem was not the charger , not even the phone's charging pin, but rather there was internal damage to the flex or interconnection cable that connects to the charging pin plate, which was damaged due to the fall..

I explained it previously , and this damage to the internal circuitry can happen due to a simple fall. The screen, charging, speaker, touch, etc. can be damaged, since all these components are linked to the main board of the phone through a multi-contact cable called flex. When there are falls, the plug (male) or the socket (female) of that connector or flex can suffer the impact, ending up breaking and the connection failing. This is how you have intermittency in the operation of those components or total damage, as in this case my cell phone that did not charge or gave any indication of charging at all , with any charger I used.

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The solution is to disassemble the phone and check the module associated with the damaged component or section, in this case the charging module and its respective connection cable or flex. Inspecting the flex plug or socket for breakage or damage is not something that can be determined with the naked eye (at least not for the NON-experienced eye) since they are very tiny connectors. A microscope is necessary to observe if there is damage. Even so, it is not so easy to check it, and when it is, it is necessary to try another replacement module or modules to see if it works and determine where exactly the damage is..

Once the fault is found, you have to try to repair the flex or socket, something that is quite difficult due to the surgical precision required to remake what is broken, with the help of the microscope. Sometimes you can make the failure worse by trying this and the final solution will be to replace the flex or the socket, the latter requiring a heat gun to desolder and resolder the new socket.

Another probable cause if the cell phone does not charge with any charger is that the charging pin is damaged. This is easier to determine since when connecting the charger to the phone, the respective voltage is not displayed on the charging pin board. This pin may just be dirty. In the worst case, it must be replaced, a very common and cheaper repair..

Repairing my cell phone charge cost me around $50 and could have been more. Fortunately, the technician was able to replace the video socket (in the case of the black screen damage ) for $45 and repair the flex plug that had the charging connection ($5). If it had been necessary to change the flex, its replacement would have cost $25. And yes, both failures occurred after a fall, in addition to the five that my Samsung Galaxy A52 phone already accumulated , which I had without a protector. So the best recommendation I can make to avoid this is to always put a good protector or case on your mobile device.

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