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Cell phone location by number: How easy it is to do it in Latam

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The location you are in will probably never be private information. And the most interesting thing is that in certain Latin American countries, knowing the location of a cell phone by its number is relatively simple. For example, your partner or ex-partner can track the approximate location of your cell phone with a little police help..

Normally, the location of a cell phone, something that is held by cellular operators, should only be obtainable in the event of an emergency or through a court order, if it is not a number that is in your name. The location of the cell phones is apparently also provided by these telephone companies to the National Police, something necessary in case of an emergency, such as to find a missing person.

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In a certain Latin American country (whose name I will avoid mentioning to avoid problems) obtaining this information is relatively simple, without the need for a judge's order or without it necessarily being an emergency. As I said, the Police have access to this information. By Police I mean any officer you may encounter on the street. All you have to do is ask that agent for the location of a phone, providing their cell phone number, so that they can request their approximate location from the respective command center. This is relatively useful if your cell phone has been stolen and you are trying to recover it (and that is why I dare to mention all this), but some people can take advantage of this facility to find out where a person is, for personal reasons only..

The only way you can prevent someone who has your phone number from knowing the location of your cell phone is to put it in airplane mode, turn off the device , or remove the SIM. This way, the cell phone will not connect to cell towers and the operator will not be able to use the strength or angle of the signal that your device emits to determine your approximate location. Android 15 will have an interesting feature to control when the operator wants to access your exact location, something that Mishaal Rahman describes best in Android Authority, but as they say, this Android control will not prevent the operator from determining your approximate location through the connection you establish with their cell towers.

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