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How to enable or disable autocorrector or predictive text on iPhone X

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With the arrival of the iPhone X, users of the bitten apple have detected that the way of doing things had changed in many cases. In addition, this new phone has brought new features and built-in utilities such as Face ID or animojis..

In addition, the lack of the start button has made many times users have wondered how to make a hard reset on the phone or how to have a " start button" on the screen of their iPhone X.

Among its dozens of features, we find a so-called "predictive text" which allows users to use the words suggested by the phone thanks to this function. Depending on the written words and the context of the message, the suggestions are determined. In addition, we can also find the autocorrector which corrects the words we have written wrong..

These features can be very useful, but you may not know how to activate them. Below we explain the steps you must follow to activate or deactivate the predictive text function and the autocorrector in iPhone X.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to the "Settings" of the phone and select the "General" tab.


Step 2

Next we have to scroll down to enter the "Keyboard" tab.


Step 3

In this window we will see different options. Among it is the "Predictive" and "AutoCorrect" option. We have to select it in case we want to activate this functionality or disable it according to our preferences.

image image

Once we have enabled these functions, text correction will be activated automatically as well as prediction. The text correction has a word menu where you can add your own personal dictionary..

Thanks to this function we will be able to autocomplete our texts in a simple way and we will probably save time.

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