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How to save data if you watch Netflix from your mobile phone

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Netflix releases on your smartphone for October 2017

If you travel or you are usually away from home you may see series on your mobile phone and use Netflix. On mobile or tablet. If you want to save data when you go by train, car or when you are away from home watching Netflix, you can configure it. You can configure Netflix to spend less data when you watch series from your mobile phone and do not spend what is determined automatically.

The amount of data you spend on Netflix depends on how much time you see it, what you see and the quality of your connection. It depends on your connection you will spend more or less:

  • If your quality is low, you spend 0.3 GB per hour
  • If it is average quality, 0.7 GB per hour
  • If it is high quality and in HD, you will spend 3 GB of data per hour
  • If it is high quality in Ultra HD you will spend 7 GB per hour

But you can set this to spend less. To do this, go to your Netflix account from a web browser. Open your Netflix page from your mobile or from your computer, log in, choose your profile and go to your account settings.

Within the settings you will find an option called “Playback Settings” and will allow you to choose the use of data on the screen. It will be marked “automatic” but you can change to Low, Medium or High. Choose the option that best suits you as you care about the quality of viewing or if you care more or less about saving data. If you don't mind if it looks regular and you want to save on your rate, choose "low." If you care more, choose "medium." The “high” option is not advisable because you will spend practically your entire rate in just a few hours.

Another option to save data is to go to the Netflix application of your mobile or your tablet. Go to the application settings and you will find the option “Use of mobile data”. You can choose between Wi-Fi only, Save data or Maximum data. Click on the "Save data" option and you will save up to 1 GB for every six hours you watch series or movies on Netflix without being connected to WiFi.

Once you do all this you can watch series while away from home without being afraid that your rate will run out very soon.

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