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How to turn on the Samsung Galaxy S10 notification light

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Due to the continuous use we make of our mobile terminals, it is normal that they are in continuous movement of news and especially notifications. As we include messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Gmail, we find constant notifications that may or may not interest us but that are there. Although the sound and vibration of notifications is very useful, we can not always let our smartphone sound so we have to look for visual options that help us.



But we can not always be aware of our notifications , if we are in the office being constantly consulting the screen of our phone is nothing productive added to the consumption of battery power that this consumes at a general level. Until now we knew the possibilities of the LED incorporated in the Galaxy but in the S10 range has been eliminated and we will have to resort to other adjustments to be able to have a lighting on the screen that warns us of the news.


We also leave you the video tutorial with the necessary steps to be able to enable the screen notification light for the notifications in the Galaxy S10.

1. How to activate the LED notification light without applications on Samsung Galaxy S10

To activate the Edge lighting of the screen panel we will do the following:


Step 1

We go to the settings of our Galaxy S10 by scrolling the main screen.


5-settings-galaxy-s10 plus.png


Step 2

Enter the "Screen" section to configure it.




Step 3

Now click on the "Edge Screen" option to see its settings.




Step 4

Here we will have to activate the "Edge screen lighting" option.






Step 5

Once activated this option, click on it to see its settings. Different possible settings will be displayed to see the lighting of the Edge screen. Among them we can see:




Edge Lighting Style
Choose the color, design, effect and other customization settings.





Manage notifications
We can also choose which applications will be affected by this type of lighting.






2. How to turn on the notification LED light using Always On Edge on Samsung Galaxy S10


Step 1

The first thing will be to download the Always On EdGE - Edge Lighting application for free from the Play Store.



Step 2

When opening the application we find a large list of configurations to be able to put LED light on notifications.




Remember that you have to give the necessary permissions so that the application can be executed.


Step 3

We are going to see a series of possible options with this LED of notifications in the application. Although it is a very complete list we can highlight the following:


Put LED on camera or on screen
We can choose if we want the notification light to be around the camera slit or around the screen.





Change style LED notifications
We can choose between several LED modes so that the appearance style varies. Your appearance can also be modified as space or corners.





Change the color of the notifications LED
This option is very cool and allows us to choose the color of the LED light. We can choose between a mix of colors, a color, two colors or three customizable colors. You can also modify the speed or thickness of the edges.





Choose when the LED will light
Another available option is that we choose when we want this light to be enabled. For example, we can choose not to appear if the phone is charging, to turn on when a notification arrives or until it becomes automatic when we block the phone.





With these two ways we can enable the LED notification light either around the entire screen or only around the camera notch on the Galaxy S10.

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Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e: No notification LED installed

The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e no longer have a notification LED. Samsung has had to do without these practical features due to the almost borderless design of the smartphone. Users of the smartphone will no longer be informed about new messages via a small LED that can alert in different colors. This is exactly this LED for many situations very convenient and allows a discrete notification.

Note: Samsung Galaxy S10: use camera hole as a notification LED

Since the notification LED disappears on all three Samsung smartphones, you have to be satisfied with the alternatives. The following options for discrete notification remain:

  • Sidelight : Since the Galaxy S8 you can fall back on "Edge Lighting". Under settings , display and side screen you can turn on the sidelight. If you get a notification, the display is surrounded by a small light animation.
  • Always-on display : Of course, the Galaxy S10 smartphones have an always-on display function. Is turned on at the factory and can display not only the time and date, but various notifications.

More remains in the end not left to be informed of new news. The omission of the notification LED is therefore a loss for many friends of this property and could certainly be considered a no-go. But the design of mobile phones has improved greatly compared to its predecessors. So you go a certain compromise with the Galaxy S10 smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10: notification about camera animation?

If you use the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e, a small animation will be displayed around the camera. The front cameras are included in these smartphones namely from the display. At some point, developers might be able to find a way to possibly alert them to this animation. So far this is not possible. Do you know any other ways to be discreetly alerted to notifications?

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