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What are and how Google alerts work?

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It is a service provided by Google, where updates are sent on a particular subject via e-mail. The results found are translated into alerts that Google considers relevant.
Some options that present the alerts are:
  • follow a news in development
  • . Keep informed about competitors or about a specific industry sector .
  • Receive the latest news about a famous person or an event
  • Be aware of the news of your favorite teams.
When Google finds the results in; Web pages, articles of diverse origins. Among others and that match the requested alert, send them by email to the account holder.

Google alerts can be used to:
  • Find out about the opinion that there is about a company or about a product,
  • Follow the development of some news,
  • Stay up to date on a sector or on a company of the competition
  • Get the latest news about a current character or about a sports team,
  • Keep informed of the opinions about them.
If you want to use Google Alerts, you need to perform the following steps:
  • Enter the information referred to the query that you want to make.


  • Google will check as often as possible the existence of results on the Web and that match the parameters entered.



  • It will also allow to define how many results to send
  • Finally, it will request a destination email or a Feed


  • In the case of finding matches, Google will send the results by email entered.
  • Finally click on the button "create alert":


In the case of making general inquiries such as; "Football", Google will send an alert practically every day.
If the query is referred to a specific topic, it is likely that the referral will be less frequent, such as "cardiovascular".

If you want to control a certain product, you must enter the name of the product in quotes to receive the alerts that appear every day.
In the case that you want to know what you think about a certain person, you have to enter the full name in quotes, for example; "Juan Gómez".

The source of where the alert comes from can also be determined by creating it, how to search everywhere, in blogs or in the news.
RSS feeds are created from a Google account where alerts can be received through that methodology.

In turn, users who have an account with Google will be able to see, create, edit and delete alerts using the alerts management page, and from there they can manage the alerts created. It is also possible to export them using the CSV format.

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