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The semantic structure for SEO

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Websites that wish to achieve positioning in an organic way ( SEO ) must present a certain semantic structure .

It is a hierarchical structure where you can see the header elements such as <h1>, <h2> and <h3>, since the same search engines will look for these guidelines within the Web pages they visit in order to determine the context , the functionality and content of the site.

For the user who browses a website, it also represents a great visual aid, since it can better interpret the place he is visiting.
For example, in the following site you can see how its content is hierarchically determined in one of its pages;


It can be seen that within the <h1> header are the keywords, such as "PERSONAL MARKETNG COURSE".
Remember in Google analyzes the source code of the page with its corresponding semantic structure.

The header labels are from 1 to 6, which are related to the size of these. H1 is the largest and h6 is the smallest. For example:



Very large text

Big text

Text somewhat larger than normal

Normal text

Small text

Very small text

You can see that the different headers are separated from each other, this is because each label automatically generates a line break.
It should also be noted that when writing HTML code the labels can be lowercase or uppercase (H1, h1).
Here is a brief overview of what each label means:

It is used to place the title of the content of a Web page, it must be short to give strength to your keywords. It is convenient to start with the main keywords for that document.
The H1 must appear several times within the content of a Web page.

It behaves similarly to H1. Indicates significant titles for different subsections within the site. There may be several H2s within the same site.
These are generic titles that are placed in the text blocks of a Web, but do not contribute to the content since they only define different sections of a text.

It allows you to define the titles of the sub-sections of text that have a header type H2. From the H3 tag onwards, they do not have a high SEO incidence, which is why it is not usual to work with them.

The order in which the labels must be presented within a text are; H1, H2, and H3. In turn, the header labels must describe the structure of an article.

The words that you want to highlight within a text are usually made using the bold style.
However, when writing the HTML code it is advisable to use the STRONG label instead of the B , since the former emphasizes the text more giving it more weight, while the B , only gives the bold format.
In the case of labels I (italics), they also emphasize text but with less weight than STRONG.

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