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How to unlock PDF and delete the password

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Protection methods of PDF files.
How to unlock PDF and delete the password.

Today is the day in which we will learn to unlock PDF easily and quickly , but not without first knowing in depth all the possibilities of protection and how to skip the possible security restrictions of protected PDFs.


Protection methods of PDF files.

We cannot deny that PDF files (acronym for Portable Document File) have become practically a standard when it comes to sharing documents and information. The PDF format was developed by the Adobe company and today we have a multitude of free tools to view them being one of the best known Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To solve the inconvenience of sharing information while restricting access or to simply prevent the content of the document from being copied, PDF files were provided with several protection possibilities:

  • Password protection : you can avoid opening the document with a password or avoid editing, copying or printing PDF content.
  • Protection by means of a digital certificate : with this method the document can be protected by a digital signature. The certificate itself specifies the permissions of the document restricting the level of access according to the recipient.

How to unlock PDF and delete the password.

There are many methods in the network to "crack" the password-protected PDF and thus be able to freely edit it, copy the text of the PDF and even print it.

In my personal case, I encountered the problem when I was trying to edit a PDF file with a map downloaded from the Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre (in Spain), since the PDF files generated by the platform are password protected.

To eliminate the password and restrictions, the easiest solution is to use one of the following online tools:

All tools work in a similar way, first they ask us to select the PDF file, which will be uploaded to the application server and then processed and returned to us the unlocked PDF. These tools have the disadvantage that we are sending a file to an unknown remote server and if the PDF file contains very sensitive private information, we are somehow exposing it.

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